The travel pharmacy - What do you take with you on holiday?

The holiday period is again in prospect. You may stay in the Netherlands, but you may be traveling and it is then convenient to be well prepared. After all, children quickly develop (small) wounds. In order not to have to go to a doctor with every abrasion, a good travel pharmacy is no superfluous luxury. And what is in such a travel pharmacy? We have compiled a list for you. Nice and easy, so all you have to do is shop together.

This belongs in the travel pharmacy

Plasters, tweezers, scissors, skin disinfectant, ticks, ORS, salt and sugar tablets, nasal spray, fever thermometer, wound ointment (iodine or betadine), 3 sterile compresses (10 × 10 cm), 1 bandage or quick dressing, a remedy for fever or pain, insect repellent and a good sunscreen.
Of course, do not forget the medicines that you regularly have to swallow.

In the sun

Of course you have to expose (very young) children (up to three years) as little as possible to the sun. But prevention is often not the case. In the spring and summer we are often outside and your child too. After all, the sun is an indispensable source of energy and works wonders for our mood. Yet in the sun? Then ensure the right protection!

Food in the south

It is important to ensure that your child (ren) does not eat raw products during the holiday, especially small children develop a gastrointestinal infection quickly if the food is not (completely) germ-free. This applies not only to raw meat, but also to raw vegetables, fruit, eggs and fish.
Do you cook yourself? Do not store any leftovers. Eat your prepared products right away and do not store anything. Also be careful with ice and only drink water from bottles (not from the tap). You can also brush your teeth with water from a bottle. Make sure that the cap of the bottle is still intact, so that you are sure that it contains good drinking water.

In the car

Babies generally do not suffer from car sickness, but if they are a little older, such a car trip can be a big task. To prevent motion sickness as much as possible in toddlers and preschoolers, do not let them read or draw in the car. The best thing is to just look out the window.
A few drops of peppermint oil on a handkerchief can help against motion sickness, also a little bit of gnawing on a lemon or chewing gum can help.
Stop regularly on the way to sniff some fresh air.


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