Some things are priceless # blog3

It is March 1st. On the radio I hear something about National compliments day. I imagine doing something with that today. I do not come any further than a good intention, because I am already absorbed by the hectic pace of the day.


There is ice on the ditches! At Marketplace the demand for ice skates increases immediately. Let me just have skates that have been worn for 0 minutes. Quickly take some photos, download via the Markplaats app and continue to work.
Within no time are the skates sold for 20.00 euros! Yeah! I can use that money again for a couple of bigger skates for my daughter. Hopefully these will be used more often.

Quickly quickly

After working hours I fly quickly to the store to get a few more things for dinner. I do not have much time because the skates are picked up in 15 minutes. It is cold, so I pull my hat up to my eyes, my scarf under my nose and I chine - still blue from the cold - into the Aldi.

Beautiful memories

I quickly run through all the paths until I suddenly see an elderly couple shuffle through the store. It attracts my attention because they are already quite old. Suddenly it seems to me to penetrate. I know this man!
I walk up to him and ask: "May I ask you what sir?" "Have you ever been an English teacher?" He looks confused for a moment, but suddenly I see a small sparkle appear in his eyes. "Yes that's right. Did you go to school with me? "
"Yes indeed. You were my English teacher in the bridge class of 1984. I even married an Englishman! Thanks to your good lessons! "
In the eyes of my former teacher, I see his beautiful memories of that time. I give him a hand and say hello with the words: "A good teacher will not forget you!"
Just before he leaves, he turns to me for a moment. I see a big smile on his face and give him a big wink.


Quickly I go home on my bike. The buyer of the skates is already waiting. Her daughter is overjoyed with her new skates. I am also happy. Not because of the 20 euros, but because of the smile of my former teacher. The sparkle in his eyes as his head filled with memories was unaffordable. What a simple compliment sometimes can do ...

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