First aid for children - Objects in the nose

Fortunately, my son never did it, but as a child I can still remember that I had put a bead in my nose, in my opinion one in my ear. My parents got the jitters, because they had to remove him again. And I can still remember very well that this was not so easy. Fortunately, it always ended well, but it has caused a lot of sweat drips from my parents.

It has to be done again

As a parent you do not always know what children do. Sometimes you only realize that something is in its element when he gets a runny nose or suddenly has a stuffy nose. What has gone into it must also go out again, otherwise it runs the risk of inflammation or damage to the nasal mucosa. That something is in its element, you can possibly notice:

  • difficult breathing through the nose
  • runny nose or stuffy nose
  • tears
  • to nose
  • swelling of the nose
  • dirty smelling or bloody nasal mucus
  • Just breathe

    If something is in his nose, he can still happily breathe through his mouth. He will not suffocate. But it has to be done. The best you can go to the doctor with him, because if you start using tweezers yourself, the risk is that you will damage the inside of his nose. He will not really sit quietly. After all, your child also finds it dying. Just like you probably.


    You can try to keep your child blowing softly (keep another nostril closed), in the hope that it will come naturally, but before you ask this question to your child, you must be sure that he understands what 'sneezing' is. If he is too small to understand this, you might not want to ask. There is a chance that he will first suck air inwards so that the object goes deeper into the nose.

    No cotton swabs

    Do not start with cotton swabs. The chance that you press the object even deeper into the nose or ear is very big. You can also damage the earpiece or the nose.

    General practitioner

    The doctor has a special suction cup or pliers with which he can remove the object from the nose. He can also prescribe nasal drops to allow the mucous membrane to shrink so that the object is easier to come out.
    If the GP does not succeed, you will probably be referred to an ENT doctor.

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