Roadmap baby in bath

Your baby is going to take a bath. Maybe for the first time. What do you all have to think about? A bit slippery baby in your arms. How can you ensure that his safety comes first? What should you pay attention to?

We put together a handy step-by-step plan for your baby to bathe as safely as possible!

1. Temperature

Provide a pleasant temperature in the bathroom (or in the room where your child is bathing).
Fill the bath with 'hot water. Use a bath thermometer for the right temperature or check the water with your elbow. A small layer of water in the bath is more than sufficient.

2. Prepare well

Put everything that you need during the soaking: shampoo, bath foam or bath oil, a can warm water, washcloth, towel or hydrophilic diaper.
If necessary, put his clothes or pajamas on the heating or wrap them around a warm jug.

3. Use the chest of drawers

Dress your child on the changing table and place a warm hydrophilic diaper over him so as not to let it cool down too much. Only expose the body parts that you are washing.
Soak your child if he is still on the changing table. With a washcloth you can massage a little bit of shampoo into his hairs. You can lather everything except the face. The face was only with a washcloth and some warm water.
Wrap your child in the hydrophilic diaper when you carry it to the bath.

4. Rinse well

Rinse your baby in the bath. Rinse his hair last with the hot water from the jug, so that no soap remains in his hair remain behind.

5. Back to the changing table

Wrap your baby in a hydrophilic diaper and wear it to the changing table.
Dry your baby well and lubricate it with a nice body lotion. Take care of his bottoms, change his nappies and put on a warm bathrobe. Put your child in a safe place.
Only when your child is cared for and has a safe place, can you clean up the stuff in the bathroom.
Clean the bath thoroughly and dry after each use.


Never leave your child alone in the bath! Not even for a few seconds!
Use a baby bath or Tummy Tub. Wait with the use of an auxiliary seat and anti-slip floor until your child can sit independently.
Limit the soaking to a maximum of 10 minutes.
Only use mild personal care products.

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