Popin 'Cookin Gumi Tsureta soda / pineapple

We have already discussed a lot of Popin 'Cookin' products, but this time it is a bit different. Today not a mini dish, but purely a DIY candy package. We will make sweet / sour mats ourselves. At least, it looks like this is the intention. This package is somewhat simpler than the other packages, but it looks very nice.

I opted for the taste soda / pineapple, but it is also available in the soda / grape taste. With this package I have been busy for about fifteen minutes.

What is it?

Kracie Popin 'cooking comes from Japanese and miniature DIY candy-making sets. This Gumi Tsureta kit is a much requested set and very popular on Youtube. It is the intention that you make a magical string with some powder. I am very curious!

No preservatives

Perhaps good to know that the package contains no preservatives and no artificial colors.

In the suit

The package contains a plastic mold, a fork, straw, a measuring scoop and four different bags with powder.

Extra requirements

Only a little bit of water.

And now: Getting started!

What is the taste

Personally, I think the package is pure magic. It is great to see how the one powder with just a little water turns into a huge mountain of fluffy foam. What happens next to the other powder is of course fairytale. I can imagine that this definitely appeals to the imagination of children. The taste is also very pleasant. The basic taste is bubblegum which tastes absolutely delicious in combination with the somewhat more acidic soda and pineapple.

However, if I look at what you get for 4.05 euros, that is not that much. In the end you get two sweet / sour mats from this package. How magical everything looks like, they are ultimately quite expensive mats.

Nice to experience once, but not to buy more often. I think it is too expensive for that.

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