Enough sleep necessary for social development baby

Sufficient sleep is important for the social and emotional development of a baby, according to recent scientific research. Research shows, however, that two-thirds of parents do not see sufficient sleep as one of the most important conditions for good social and emotional development.

10% of Dutch babies aged between 6 months and 2 years do not sleep longer than 5 hours per night, while the optimal number of sleeping hours in this age range is between 11 and 12 hours.

Sleeping well is worth gold

"During a sleep, a baby processes the impressions of the day. Thanks to sufficient sleep, a baby can process stimuli, eat well and play with satisfaction. The interaction with his father and mother gets off to a good start and the bond with them is strengthened. That is why it is important for a baby to sleep well during the day and at night, " says Monique L'Hoir, researcher in the field of sleep and the development of babies. Pampers' research shows that babies up to 6 months usually wake up because they are hungry (69%) or a wet diaper (20%). Older babies are often awakened by passing teething (19%) or a bad dream (38%).

Babies can wake up in the meantime, but under favorable circumstances they automatically fall asleep again.

AgeOptimal number of hours of uninterrupted sleep per night
0 - 3 months2.5 rising to 5 hours
3 - 6 months5 ascending to 11 o'clock
6 - 12 months11 to 12 hours
> 12 months11 to 12 hours

Make friends easily

There is a link between sleep problems in children and long-term social and emotional development. Monique L'Hoir: "Every parent hopes that his child does not become anxious or aggressive and makes friends easily. For that development, a child needs a good night's sleep. " Scientific research also shows that children with a lack of sleep often exhibit hyperactive, impulsive and aggressive behavior. Pampers' research shows that parents also see a connection between a good night's sleep and the behavior of their child: it cries less (63%) and makes more sense to play (57%). Almost all parents of babies who sleep for 5 hours or more see their child wake up laughing in the morning (91%).

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