Back to school # blog6

Trinnngggggggggggggg ... The irritating sound of my mobile alarm goes through marrow and leg. It is early, too early, because I am still very tired.
With some perseverance I know how to open my eyes. No huh, the holiday is over again.
We have to get back into the daily rhythm of the summer clock. I yawn again and want to turn around and fall asleep again. Oh no, my daughter needs to get out. The youngest is almost 12 years old and has to be woken every morning. The oldest is very independent and saves himself and is also a morning person. It is often out of the blue at dawn.

You have to get out!

I jump up and walk to her room and turn on the light: "Neline, Neline"
It remains still for a while.
"Néline!" I call a bit harder now "Hup you have to go out"

"JAAAAAA, As if I do not know that," she says back now. She always has a wonderful morning mood and is not a morning person, just like me.
"Why do you always have to call like that!" She says as she straightens up with her cute round cheeks and blue eyes, which you can never understand that this can come to such a tone.
Grumpy she climbs out of her loft bed and I feel the magnetic attraction of my bed again. Before I know it I am back in and she is standing next to my bed for a hug.

My dear cuddly bear

With her fluffy onesie, she is like a cuddly bear. My dear cuddly bear. She laughs at me and she cuddles.
"Well, huh. Go do something, otherwise you'll be late "I whip her up. "JAAAHHAAAA, I am going well. You do not have to chase me that way, because then I will not progress any longer "she grumbles again.
I have to laugh. "Draqueen" I tell her. That is her nickname "Draqueen", Dragon Queen. That she is a dragon of Chinese constellation is by no means a coincidence, because of her spicy character.


Soon the children quibble downstairs and I struggle to mediate with difficulty. The holiday is over, the schools start again. It is a curse and a blessing at the same time.
Fortunately they save themselves well and I do not have to do much anymore. They spread their own bread and pack their own stuff. Combing their hair and paying attention to the time.

When they are gone, it is quiet in the house. A rest for mom. Rest after being together for six weeks. It is nice and strange at the same time.

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