Counting with Miffy

This week we already discussed a new book by Miffy Miffy slider Who lives here ?, but there are more new books from Miffy. For example, 'Counting with Miffy'. A cheerfully colored booklet with Miffy in the leading role. At the top of the booklet are sliders with Miffy and her friends and the numbers 1 to 5. These can be used in counting. A super handy but above all very nice tool.


Playfully teaches your child to count with you. There is a question on every page, for example: 'Miffy has a lot of toys, is there a ball?' Yes, there is one ball. Count with me: 1. So only one slide needs to be moved! In this booklet a maximum of 5 is counted. Perfect to start with and learn how to count, together with Miffy, to 5.
And if your child can then count to 5, can he also count from 5 back to 1?


The booklet is executed in the basic colors as we are used to by Miffy, without capital letters and the pages are made of sturdy cardboard. Perfect for the little hands! This booklet is another great addition to the previously published books of Miffy.

Specifications Counting with Miffy

TitleCounting with Miffy
PublishingPublisher Mercis Publishing
AuthorDick Bruna
IllustratorDick Bruna
Number of pages10
price9.95 euros

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