The lamb that is a pig

Recently I witnessed the presentation of the Zilveren Griffel to 'The little lamb that is a pig'. A children's book around the theme of gender dysphoria. That is daring, that is guts, but that is especially necessary! Because why would you want to shun this subject while there is a need for it. How nice to be able to discuss the subject, in response to this wonderful story. How beautiful is the message in this book that everyone can be who he is. That it does not matter how that is, but that there is room for it. And acceptance.

Lamb feels different

Lamb feels different, he does not want to graze with the other lambs in the pasture. He does not want to keep his white wool clean. Lammetje wants to roll through the mud with the other pigs. The lambs find it strange, but Lammetje does not care. The farmer does not understand anything and takes the Lamb with him to the vet. Fortunately, the vet quickly understands what is going on with Lammetje ...

Fortunately, this story has one happy end. Many children are struggling with this difficult issue. This book provides a nice guide to make the subject open to discussion.

Specifications The lamb that is a pig

TitleThe lamb that is a pig
PublishingThe Unicorn
AuthorPim Lammers
IllustratorMilja Praagman
Number of pages32
price15.85 euros

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