Yellies Bo Dangles - Interactive spider

The postman delivers a package and when I open it, I see a wooden crate in it. After some work (luckily the tools are included) I see a cute colored spider in front of me. What a sweetheart! And when I turn it on, I melt completely! Yellies are really cute, fluffy pets that react to your voice!

Unique personality

Each Yellie has its own unique appearance and personality and is full of surprises! You can activate them with your voice or by making a sound. They respond to talking, calling, clapping, singing and even to music. The harder you call, the faster they go! Our Yellie - which I immediately give the name 'Spindie' - rolls over the table, while his eyes light up. I am not the only one who likes this spider. Our two tigers, also called cats, are also curious. Ideally they would have jumped 'Spindie', but of course they can not. They have their own toys, but I get the cats, this Yellie Bo Dangles is just to eat, he's so cute!

Fluffy appearance

Yellies are available in different colors and personalities. Their fluffy appearance makes them cute and although I normally scream and run from spiders, I quickly connect them to my heart. There is nothing scary about this spider. So nice to see how he responds to the sound you make. The harder you call, the faster he goes.

Yellies Bo Dangels is suitable for children from 5 years.

Specifications Yellies Bo Dangles - Interactive spider

NameYellies Bo Dangles - Interactive spider
EAN14.99 euros

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