LOL Surprise confetti balls (part 2)

It has been more than a month since we unpacked the first two confetti balls. However, two were still waiting. After a month of patience, it was high time. Especially because I like to unpack these balls, a more than nice job!

Third series

These LOL Surprise confetti balls are already the third series in the LOL Surprise doll series! That also says something about the popularity of these balls. I am very curious how long this hype persists, but as it looks now, the end is not yet in sight and many balls will be unpacked! Fun! I'm curious what else is coming! But before I get ahead of things, I first have these two balls to unpack!


This time it was a party again! The dolls look so sweet and cute! Glad that the weather are two different ones! There is always a chance that you will hit a double. Fortunately, they can always be exchanged with a boyfriend or girlfriend or at Marktplaats. Everything looks neat and tidy again! Nice !! I almost feel like building a big dollhouse for the little ladies ...

Specifications LOL Surprise confetti balls

TitleLOL Surprise confetti balls
BrandMGA Entertainment
price12.99 euros

Video: LOL Surprise Doll Series 3 Confetti POP ! SPIN Surprise Blind Bag Ball Toy Video

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