Happy holiday, Paultje

Paultje also wants to go on holiday, just like his girlfriend Wendy Wildegans. But Wendy can fly far, and of course Paultje can not. However, Paultje does have a pair of strong rabbit legs and he can walk fine with that. He runs home and calls that he also wants to go on vacation! In fact, his parents think this is a good idea and they immediately start packing their bags. There is only so much luggage with it, that the cart will collapse underneath ...

End of the holiday plans

This seems to be the end of the holiday plans. Fortunately Paultje knows how to come up with something that might be just as fun as going on vacation. And if he has brought the whole family there, everyone agrees with him. It will be a very nice, pleasant day that is definitely worth repeating.

Close can also be fun

There is a saying: 'Everything you take is delicious', but the Rabbit family finds out in this book that it can be very nice. A funny reading book with a holiday theme, with cute and sunny illustrations. With the summer coming up, a nice book to read out for. With this booklet you immediately feel like vacation!

Specifications Happy holiday, Paultje

TitleHappy holiday, Paultje
PublishingPublisher De Vier Windstreken
AuthorBrigitte Weninger
IllustratorEve Tharlet
Number of pages32
price14.95 euros
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