Zwarte Piet from Levi-S

The discussion about Zwarte Piet, prompted Levi-S to include this song. Together with Marion Middendorp (text) and Jan Knetsch (music) he wrote this song together. This duo previously recorded several children's songs, such as 'The eviction song' and 'Hoogbegaafd'. The collaboration with Levi-S was new, but it is so good that more songs will be made in this collaboration in the future. The song 'Zwarte Piet' is the first but certainly not the last! Soon more news about Levi's.

We spoke to him briefly about this number. His reaction about 'Zwarte Piet':

"It's not about how Zwarte Piet looks like, whether he's yellow, purple or black. It is about losing a piece of tradition from a children's party that is centuries old and that is a shame. When the Petes had gradually changed, nothing had happened. Everything changes over the years. And that's fine too. It is only a shame that a beautiful innocent tradition, now in the same breath as 'racism', has never been the intention. A whole population group is now suddenly put away as 'bad and racist', that is also the fault of the whole discussion. You can not accuse an entire population and think that everyone will thank you for this. The Sinterklaas festival is a children's party where (almost) everyone thinks back with warm feelings. There is no child who has ever seen racism in it.
For a good discussion, understanding and respect from both sides is necessary. '


Zwarte Piet, Zwarte Piet
I do not see him!
Where is it?
that black Piet?
Zwarte Piet, Zwarte Piet
I do not see him!
Where is it?
that black Piet?

He came for years
with the Saint
I remember
I myself was still a child
He gave me pepernoten
he had a roe
where is that Zwarte Piet?
now to?
Refrain (1x)
Now comes the Saint
only with whites on
it's like Zwarte Piet
never existed
How colorless this party feast
and how racist
now only there

Chorus (1x)
Sinterklaas is centuries old
did we make mistakes for years?
Is tradition, faded glory
or stop the Zwarte Pieten story here

Chorus (2x)


Text and music: Marion Middendorp, Jan Knetsch, Levi-S
Sung by: Levi-S
© image: Marion Middendorp

Video: Levi-S met Zwarte Piet

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