Poppy duck

A book about grumbling, can that be fun? Nobody likes me to complain. I'm not in any case and probably not you either. Yet this is a nice book, even if it is about a grumpy duck. Mopping is quite a tad grumpy. He would like to play with someone, but he really does not want anything. He does not want to get dirty, he does not want to crow and he does not want to be in the mud pool. Precisely because he gets in the way of himself, his world becomes grayer and grayer.

Mopping cloud

Above the duck a small gray cloud grows into a huge, large black chested duck cloud. And then ... well, of course I will not give that away. Preschoolers will recognize this emotion very well. In any case, the story has a very happy ending and that too will be well recognized by pre-schoolers. The smooth and lively text lends itself perfectly to interactive reading and to discuss the themes with the toddlers.
The extremely atmospheric illustrations in mixed technique with collage, which always cover a whole spread, show the emotions of the different animals. Highly recommended.

The book is suitable for children from 4 years. And hey, who's never grumbling? There are those days ...

Specifications Mortar

TitlePoppy duck
AuthorJoyce Dunbar
IllustratorPetr Horacek
Number of pages30
price14.95 euros
Order immediatelyBol.com

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