Spain is coming to us this summer # blog20

How happy I am that we have not booked a holiday this summer holiday. No long tiring ride abroad, no stress with suitcases, nagging children and the mountain was at home.

Economical with water

No, we have arranged much better this year, because Spain has come to us. Soon the warnings to be careful with water are already flying around our ears. Ah, we are not used to it either, two dry weeks and the country is already panicking. I wonder how the southern countries will get through the summer, like Spain for example. With all the tourism in the warm summer months, their water consumption rises and that while in Spain there is really not as much water as with us.

Dry weeks

We are now a lot of dry weeks and there is still water flowing from the tap, fortunately. We have always been economical with water, so there is not really something we can do to cut even more.
In recent years we had a swimming pool in the garden, but the children find the water too cold, so I have left it in the barn this year. It does not make much sense to set it up if they do not go into it anyway. The first year it was a huge success, what did they swim a lot in the pool and it was also good for the social contacts, because more girlfriends came to visit than ever.

Pool and beach

This year we do it with a visit to the pool and a ride to the beach. On the way we see what kind of damage the persistent drought has already caused. The grass is arid, but the plants and trees are still looking very good. You can even see some new greenery emerging from the ground, which probably quenches its thirst with the little moisture in the air which you can still feel good, especially in the morning.

Long summer vacation

Nature survives this summer, just like it has survived several long harsh winters and we, we enjoy a wonderful long summer vacation, just in our own country, in our own garden, in our own bed, with the nice things that our own environment has to offer. A trip to Spain has saved us, because Spain came to us this year. Joepie!

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