Speech Breaker

A few weeks ago I was with Karin to the press day of Hasbro to get acquainted with the latest toys. We are both toy lovers, so we were happy to do that. On that day we already met this Speech Breaker and what have we laughed! Whether you like it or not, but this game works tremendously on your laughter muscles, up to and including the lame laughter. No wonder I wanted to have this game!

What is Speech breaker?

Speech breaker is a game where you have to give a live report of someone who does something in a certain place. Who, where and what, is on the card you have to draw first. Of course you can not say the words on the card. That all seems very simple and if this would have been the only one, then the game was also quite simple, but also much less hilarious. You have to report with the headphones on and the microphone and that is precisely the difficulty. There is a voice retarder in the microphone ...

And try to talk to you when your own voice sounds slow in your ears. This is not only difficult, you also get the weak smile, because it does not sound like a meter. Guarantee for an evening of fun. Absolutely. And did I mention that everything should be done within 30 seconds ?! That only makes it more difficult. Nothing so simple, but very funny.

In the box

The box contains: a microphone (without batteries), headphones, a manual and a box with playing cards. The game is suitable from 14 years.

Specifications Speech Breaker

NameSpeech Breaker
price26.99 euros
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