Printing pen

A few weeks ago I was at the Action and I came across this printing pen. He cost 19.95 euros. For a while I stood in my hands with the box with the question: 'What do I have to do with it?' but my curiosity got the upper hand. Would it really work? I honestly did not have that much confidence, but I took the printing pen with me.

Busy and so on

Because of the hustle and bustle of the holidays, he stayed in the Action bag for a while. Today I was cleaning up my office and I ran into the Action bag again with the printing pen. This time I did not let myself be held back by 'crowds' and went to work!

What's in the box?

In the box you will find the following parts:

Printing pen
10 colored fillings
Cord (with USB connection)
Power plug

Easy to start

Since I have no idea what to expect, I decide to start easily. I turn off a picture of Pikatu and go after drawing. Once I am busy, it amazes me how easy and good it works!

How does it work?

Very easy. You turn on the printer pen and wait until it is warm. You see this because a green light comes on.
When it is sufficiently warmed up, press the button that automatically pulls the wire inwards. In the pen, the colored wire is heated and it melts. You can draw with the melted wire.

Pay attention: the tip of the pen becomes hot! There you do not have to sit with your fingers as long as the pen is on! So be careful.

Now 3D

I'm starting to enjoy it! After this 2D Pikatu, it is time for a 3D object. I choose one of the included examples: the bike. On you can download many more examples.

The bike is very nice to make. Actually, it is obvious how you should do it. Pass the issue of the pictures. You can just do the example, because once the liquid plastic has solidified, you can easily pick it up and use the example again.

Take the creative challenge with this printing pen! I thought it was fantastic and the possibilities are endless ...!

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