Christian Jacq - The duel of magicians

Personally, I think Christian Jacq is a fine writer. I take him in my suitcase on holiday. His books read smoothly and you know again and again to abduct from your lazy chair and take on an exciting adventure. Especially if you like a touch of mysticism and you can dream away to past times ... Delicious right ?!

Black magician Kekou

Christian takes you back in this book too. Prince Setne, the youngest son of Ramses II, is about to see his fiancée Sekhet again after a long time, but then she is kidnapped. Her father, the black magician Kekou, needs the soul of his daughter for his dark plans.
Setne is doing everything it can to save his fiancée. Together with his companions he starts the battle against evil. Will they succeed in freeing Sekhet and thwarting Kekous plans, in order to secure the future of the entire Egyptian kingdom?

The duel of magicians is the exciting new part in the magisterial Setne series. Even the price is nice to this book! For Christiaan Jacq I like to make a place in my suitcase or on my bedside table ...

Specifications The duel of magicians

TitleThe duel of magicians
PublishingXander Publishers
AuthorChristian Jacq
Number of pages206
price15 euro

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