Gums and pregnancy - How do you keep it healthy?

'Every pregnancy costs a choice!' Is it a fable? A baker's talk? Or is there a core of truth and proper care of the gums is necessary. We asked the dentist Goleli, dental specialist, with her own dental practice in The Hague.

Is it true that a pregnancy can affect your gums?

During pregnancy, the gums are more sensitive to certain disorders around the teeth. So the plaque that is on the teeth and between the teeth can cause the gums to bleed faster, that it looks swollen and red. In most cases it will pass automatically after the pregnancy, but it may be that it goes beyond just an irritation on the gums. Then we talk about periodontitis which means inflammation of the surrounding tissue of the teeth.

How come?

During pregnancy, the body's hormones change. In addition to these, oral hygiene also plays a role that the gums are affected more quickly.

What can you do to prevent this?

During pregnancy it is recommended to have your teeth checked regularly and to ensure that oral hygiene is improved. Ask your dentist and / or dental hygienist what possibilities there are for improving oral hygiene. Maintaining clean keeping between teeth and teeth is important here. Ask your dentist and / or dental hygienist for oral hygiene instruction. Good dental care is necessary.

Is it recoverable?

The irritation of the gums in most cases after pregnancy. But if the supporting tissue of the teeth is also affected, preventive measures must be taken quickly so that no permanent damage of the supporting tissue is left behind.

Dental care during pregnancy

Pregnant women should pay extra attention to their gum and dental care during their pregnancy. Because research shows that pregnant women with gum disease have a significantly increased chance of premature birth. Some women do not notice it, others see and feel a clear difference. Under the influence of hormones the gums may be redder or swollen, and more bleeding. Usually such an ignition occurs especially between the second and eighth month.
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