The first thing I think when I have the book in my hands: 'What a nice title'! It makes me curious about the rest of the book. It is no different than that the dog Floeffiewoeffie is a very sweet and cute dog!
Well, he is, but not exactly at all. For his owner, but then suddenly there is a distant cousin on the sidewalk who comes to stay unannounced and Floeffiewoeffie is not too happy about that.


The guest sleeps during the day but comes to life at night. He has the craziest and especially noisy hobbies. He likes drumming, DIY and motorcycle riding. And he does it all in the middle of the night. Mr. Wik gets a hat every time. But Mr. Wik is also very sweet and likes everything.

And Floeffiewoeffie?

Floeffiewoeffie thinks a bit different about that. And then all of a sudden it's quiet in the house ... What happened? Does your child have an idea what could have happened?
Floeffiewoeffie is a funny book with a surprising ending ... The story is fun, nice to read and the illustrations are so engaging and funny!

Specifications Floeffiewoeffie

PublishingPublishing BBNC
AuthorSimon Puttock
IllustratorMatt Robertson
Number of pages32
price14.99 euros
Order immediatelyBol.com

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