Children and fridges # blog4

They run quickly to the fridge, pour a cup of lemonade and walk (painfully slow) and breathing heavily in their cup back to the bank. Fascinating and illogical, why are they doing that?
If they are smearing bread, they lay (five different) bread spreaders coated with chocolate spread and peanut butter on the edge of the sink (if they want another sandwich). Do you still understand? Not me in any case.

There are many examples that I can mention, and are recognizable for everyone who has children. Is this logic in their youthful DNA? Are they all connected in this sense? Because wherever I come, and whichever parent I speak, they all recognize the actions that children perform, and are sometimes too funny for words.

'wipe your mouth, there is chocolate spread on your cheeks'
* child pulls his tongue well along his mouth corners *


They stink, are always hungry and are true masters in making mess and mess. No, I'm not talking about stray dogs, but about adolescents.
(Although these two creatures are sometimes in line with each other).
The fridge is their temple, an always empty temple if you ask me.
As a parent you think that you have enough messages in your home, but that is clearly an illusion. The logic of an adolescent? If there is a piece of cheese of five square centimeters in the package, then the cheese is not finished. And this logic also applies to biscuits, sweets, mayonnaise, apple juice and the rest of everything that is edible.
teenagers are expensive rubbish bins, sometimes you would want to put them along the side of the road.

Lemonade syrup with a little yogurt

Dispensing something is not the strongest side of a child. If you say they can grab a bowl of chips, they come with a fruit bowl, if they are allowed to use syrup in their yoghurt, then you better buy an extra bottle.
They do their best, they have to learn it. But since my face went into a far-reaching cramp when I had my son put sugar in my coffee, I decided to do that myself in future.

Peanut butter at your remote control, cheese spread on the hamster, moldy cheese between the sofa's cushions, you would not want to miss it for any kind of gold?

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