Death of one child of twins (or multiple)

Are you expecting twins or multiple and you lose one of the children, then this is very confusing and painful. Your grieving feelings will not be less than the loss of a loner.
Joy and sorrow mix. You feel guilty towards the deceased child if you are happy with your living child; or the other way around: you have a feeling of guilt towards the living child when you feel sadness about your lost baby.
These emotions do not pass so quickly and are made more difficult when the support of family and friends quickly falls away and everyone pays full attention to the healthy, living child.

Happiness and sadness

If you end up in this impossible situation, happiness and sadness are close to each other. In spite of the conflicting feelings, try to experience the farewell of your deceased child as consciously as possible. Later on your other children will want to know more about their deceased brother or sister and tangible evidence can be pleasant: make pictures of the children together if possible; if you decide to cremate the deceased child, it is wise to find a spot for scattering of the ashes - at a funeral you will have such a place. After all, you want to tell your other child (ren) later what happened and it is good to be able to go somewhere.

Yet you always belong

Music is emotion ... Music is inextricably linked to feeling and there is no better way than to express your feelings with notes, instead of words. But a combination of the right notes and words can only really work wonders ... found KSK Productions, Wieteke van Dort, Tom Pearce, Hans Meijer and music studio The Box ready - completely disinterested, but full of enthusiasm and conviction - to release a song especially for our angels.
A unique concept that has been developed into a wonderful result. Yet you always belong is a song specially written for babies who have to say goodbye to us before, during or just after delivery ...
Because we in no way want to earn from this great grief, this song is free (legally) to download from us.

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