Development of baby in month 10

A number of children of this age will be able to stand upright in the course of this period. Some can already do it. Of course they have to stick to something. He now supports his full foot and is no longer on his toes. It is the last stage to learn to walk.
Your environment must now be made completely safe, because your child is on a voyage of discovery!

He can clap his hands and walk past the table. Meanwhile he will understand the word 'no' better and better.


He now begins to make more and more connections between words and the associated objects. He can now sit himself and with a little support, stand up himself and walk a few steps on the hand. Probably he already says mommy and / or daddy.


The best shoes are no shoes at all. The feet develop when they are exposed and surrounded by nothing, the best. Walking barefoot developed the curve of the feet and makes the ankles firm. If you still want shoes, choose shoes with flexible soles that bend with the foot. These obstruct the feet least. The back of the shoe must be firm and not too thin.

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