Children and alibis # blog12

I give Davey (7) a bag of chips and warn him that if I find chips on the couch, he has to clean it up himself.
On which he calls Mikey (5, his brother) and asks: 'Do you want chips too?'.

Almost forgot

Before I had children myself, I almost forgot what it was like to be a child. The problems of a collapsed sandcastle, a lollipop falling on the ground and the dog that had decapitated my Buzz Lightyear I had long forgotten. The fact that I can now watch as a parent on the sidelines how my children can worry about these kinds of things, I see as an absolute enrichment in my life. And sometimes ? Sometimes I see things back of myself, things that remind me of my own childhood, such as planning an alibi.

The booty? A bag of chips and a Snickers. A few examples:

Send on mission

Tell your brother that the chips are gone and give him a mission. When he comes back with a bag of sweet pepper chips, he may have 3 chips, if Mom asks what he does? Then he knows nothing.

She was!

Watercolor and the dining table. If your bowl of water falls over while Mama is just hanging the laundry? Then you just put your sister at the table, give her a brush and then you clean up your room (and call mommy to say that you have cleaned up your room and your sister is downstairs).

Hard to deny

And that's how I can name a complete biscuit tin of examples that I love and would like to share with you.
Recently my adolescent was alone at home. When I returned from a visit, the cookie jar was empty (except for a single cookie). I knew 100% sure that he had worn out on that drum, but he continued to deny it hard.

Hidden camera

Until I told him that last week (due to burglary security) I had installed a hidden camera on the sideboard. You should have seen his head. There is no money against that. Every day I watch my children and I get inspired, and although I know what they invent, I can laugh at it. Of course I confront them with the punctured alibis, because that is also the job of a parent.

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