Loss of baby or toddler

Lose baby or toddler ... You can never prepare well for this loss.

After the birth it all seemed to go well. Your child ate, grew and developed well. Everything went really well ... And yet your baby is dead now.
Why? Maybe your baby was sick, maybe your child had an accident. Unfortunately, the question "Why?" never a satisfactory answer. No answer justifies the death of your child.
The cause is actually not that important - much more important is the fact that your child is no longer alive.

Lose baby or toddler - Never prepared

Perhaps the death of your child came unexpectedly, for example due to an accident, and you may have seen it coming, as in sickness. Anyway, you are never prepared for the death of your child, he always comes too fast. The sadness is inhuman when you hold your baby lifeless in your arms. The last time this is still possible has arrived. Cherish the precious moments that you still have together with your child, because you can never repeat it again.
At this moment you are undoubtedly overwhelmed by grief, fear, anger and frustration. There is so much going on, and there are all kinds of questions, doubts and uncertainties ...
We do not have a ready-made answer for you, but we would like to offer you a straw.

Yet you always belong

Music is emotion ... Music is inextricably linked to feeling and there is no better way than to express your feelings with notes, instead of words. But a combination of the right notes and words can only really work wonders ...
Vadersen Moeders found KSK Productions, Wieteke van Dort, Tom Pearce, Hans Meijer and music studio The Box ready - completely disinterested, but full of enthusiasm and conviction - especially for our little angels to release a song.
A unique concept that has been developed into a wonderful result. Yet you always belong is a song specially written for babies who have to say goodbye to us before, during or just after delivery ...
Because we in no way want to earn from this great grief, this song is free (legally) to download from us.

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