Help with parenting, use these apps!

Growing children has a lot of nice sides. But bringing up can also cause difficulties. Which parent does not know those moments, that you are in your hair with your hands or do not know how to deal with certain situations? Of course there is no manual on how to bring up and each child is different. But there are tools that can help you in the education process of your children. In addition to the fact that there are many books and websites on this subject, more and more apps for your smartphone are coming onto the market. Apps that give you tips and handles and provide insight into the education of your child. We give you a top 3 of useful parenting apps.

Watch out

Do you want a night out? Then of course a babysitter needs to be arranged. With the babysitter app this is a simple job. Through this app, parents and childminders in the neighborhood can come into contact with each other. Create an account, place a call and the app will arrange it for you. Meet other people and make an appointment. Your babysitter is arranged that way.

Oops, I grow!

The Oei, I grow! app gives you information about the mental development of your child. It gives you insight into the phases that your child goes through, so that you learn to understand him or her better. In addition, the app gives you tips and examples about what you can do to help your child with every development.

First aid Red Cross

Every parent gets in the upbringing anyway with a child who has fallen, with his fingers between the door or perhaps worse, burns or even becomes unconscious. But what do you actually have to do in these situations? The First Aid Red Cross app tells you exactly. With handy tips and movies you know for each accident how you can best act in the interest of your child.

Top 10 handy parenting apps

Do you want more apps with tips about parenting and the complicated situations that come with it? Read here a top 10 of useful apps that help educate your child. A helping hand is always nice with a complex something like the education of your child. Use it to your advantage!

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