Spray nappies and dolls from snot # blog2

Babies and toddlers are fascinating. I sometimes compare them with a bag of meat that all comes out of liquid stuff, but then I get a blow from my wife, who reminds me that our bundle of happiness has a name.

Brake track on his back

Still, I think it's great that a baby performs to be able to squeeze his (liquid) stool out of his body at the speed of light. That is how he laughs at you, then he has to sneeze and then BAM! there is a brake track on his back where Max Verstappen would be jealous. And that smell, that smell! It is that I can not make it into the garden and then work it with a pressure washer, otherwise I would have done that right away. So with bill towels ... Of which the first ten act as a brush with which you spread the shit over his back.

Then there must be a pamper around it

Once clean, there must be a pamper around that ass, a bag for poo. I am a man, formerly not familiar with putting on a diaper and apparently it is not in my DNA to do that instinctively well. The first time I put a diaper on my child, he was wrong (the diaper, not my child). Those stickers only stick once, so I first ruined 3 diapers before I thought it was okay. I will save you the details, but I went to study with my wife.

Enjoy the small things

Since I am a father, I can enjoy the little things that fatherhood brings to me, such as a smile or that admiring look that I get when I put on a spiderman mask (which I secretly like). Building a sandcastle, getting off the cable car, making a somersault in the pool, since I'm a father, it's all possible without any shame. Delicious!
And sometimes I even get a present from my progeny. A drawing that I am standing on (I am a giant), a game of mud, worms and lemonade syrup (a magical drink) and I can still remember that he came to me and proudly showed me that he was out of his nose a doll looks like.

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