Your child will learn how to cycle! # blog15

Uncertain eyes, a vibrating lower lip, and the first steps on a trapper. In the life of every child comes a moment when it starts to learn to cycle.
Of course, we as parents help to achieve this milestone by encouraging them and literally giving them a helping hand. It is up to us to choose the right bike and the corresponding tools. Because of course he will never learn anything about a oma bike.

Training wheels (and a crazy bell)

You can make your child familiar with cycling at a very young age. The logical step after a balance bike for your toddler is a bicycle with pedals for your toddler. The most important thing is of course that your child will experience the cycling lessons as fun. Go and pick a nice bike together and buy a crazy bike bell, then the interest is quickly aroused.
Mount a few good wheels on the bike. They may be slightly higher than the rear wheel, not too much, but high enough that he occasionally 'loosely' cycles. And I say it once again, encourage! In a positive way of course.

Learning with trial and error

You run after them as if they are porcelain and pick them up as quickly as possible when gravity strikes. Cycling you learn by trial and error. As soon as the side wheels are allowed off, the danger is lurking, but that is all part of it. I often put a pawn a few meters away and promised him a gift if he managed to reach that distance. Then I put the pawn a bit further away. And that helped! small pieces of cycling seems a lot less scary than that very long street.

Together on the road

Now that the little one can cycle loose you will see that he wants to cycle all day, because it is fun! And he is proud! So take him on the road as much as possible. To school, to the playground, to the store etc. In this way he experiences what it is like to cycle in traffic and then you can teach him what the traffic signs mean. And just enjoy those little toddlers as he cycles alongside you on the way to the ice cream parlor, because they often have stories to tell along the way.

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