What do we do with Toribio

Probably I do not have to tell you how exhausting toddlers or toddlers can be. That's what Toribio's parents think. Toribio does not want to wash his hair, does not sleep, does not eat well, he really wants to play and keep walking around in his shit.


At the end of the day his parents are completely exhausted. Although they love their son very much, at night they dream that Toribio will change one day. They dream that someone exists that can help them. I think that every parent dreams of it so that you can sleep in once again and have a day at yourself. Once you have children, those moments seem to become utopian.

Drastic change

In their dream they succeed, but it will be a very drastic change. Whether the parents would really want that, I doubt it, but it is funny of course!

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TitleWhat do we do with Toribio
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