Choose the right baby toy

Of course you want to spoil your little miracle with fun toys. But choosing the right baby toy is not that easy. And from how many months can your baby play with baby toys? You can read it all in this blog where I give some play tips for the best baby toys from 0 to 9 months.

Constellation Pisces - The character of your child as Pisces

Astrological name Pisces Period 20 February - 21 March Element Water Keyword Sacrificial life core Vulnerable body part Feet Planet Jupiter, Neptune Your Pisces child lives in a fairytale world and seems to be a fairy fairy with his enchanting smile and delightful gestures. He is a born actor and can hardly handle rules.

Best spot for potty training

Potty training is a very important moment during parenting. In the beginning it can sometimes be difficult, but if you succeed, you realize how wonderful it is. No more diapers! You can immediately save a lot of costs. If you start with potty training, you must have a spotlight.

Washable diapers that's how it works!

Washable diapers are really better for the environment than disposable diapers. Even when you wash them at 60 degrees and then happily throw in the dryer. In addition, they are also cheaper in the longer term. All environmentally and money-conscious mothers can therefore opt for washable diapers. But how does it actually work with those diapers?

Who makes photos during the delivery?

There are a number of days in your life that you will label as 'the most beautiful days'. The delivery of your children is probably one of them, besides perhaps your marriage, special holidays, the day you finished your house or your graduation. From all these days a whole range of photos is taken except ... of the day of your birth.

Write a birth plan

You're pregnant. Maybe you've heard about it before, maybe not. Writing a birth plan. A birth plan is a clear document in which you record what your wishes are about the birth. For example how you want to give birth, whether or not you want painkillers, in which posture you want to give birth, whether or not to breastfeed or where you want to give birth.