Baby in the bath

If your baby is about 2 or 3 days old, it is time for his or her first bath! Bathing your baby right after the birth or the day after is not necessary. In fact, it is better to wait a little longer. Your baby has a thin protective layer after birth and you can not wash it off properly.

New facial peeling from Payot

The heating inside and the cold outside, make a decent attack on your skin. That is why your skin can use some extra attention in the winter. This can be done by nourishing your skin with greasy creams and face masks on the one hand, but to ensure that the skin can benefit from these nourishing substances as well as possible, occasional peeling is not a luxury.

Woven cloth buttons, how do you do that?

Carrying your baby in a sling has many advantages. This way your baby feels safe, stays in touch with his mother (just like in the womb), your baby is protected, and you stimulate the development of your baby. For you as a mother it is also very useful. You have your hands free to do other things, while you can comfort your baby and keep an eye on it.

Fontanel of the baby

All babies have a kind of opening or dent on top of the head. This is called the fontanelle. The fontanel of the baby has multiple functions. This makes the delivery a little easier and the brain of your baby gets room to grow. The fontanel of the baby seems very fragile, but it is well protected.

Turning baby at breech presentation

Breech presentation occurs in approximately 3 to 4% of unborn babies at the end of pregnancy (36 weeks). A breech presentation means that your baby is lying down with his or her buttocks instead of the head. Originally it is the intention that your baby is in a head position, this brings the least complications.

Dead born ...

Not every pregnancy ends in a pink cloud of happiness. Unfortunately. It is not something you think about when you are pregnant, but sometimes your dreams are overtaken by reality and your life is turned upside down at once. When is it a stillbirth? You are talking about stillbirth when your child dies after the 16th week of your pregnancy.