On vacation with the baby

With a baby you really do not have to stay home all year round. You can go on holiday with the baby. With a good preparation you make the trip comfortable for your baby and of course for yourself! See below our tips for a holiday with the baby. We will also give you a handy baby checklist of things that you can take with you anyway.

Make your house baby-proof you do!

In the first weeks after the birth of your baby, you try to keep your little one alive by not drowning him in the bath, not crushing or dropping. If your baby is less vulnerable after a few months, you will face new challenges. The more mobile your little one becomes, the more dangerous the environment is.

The best diaper bucket

A diaper pail, that is one of those things that you may not realize that you really need them, but of which you will know later that they are indeed very handy. Diaper pails are available in various types and sizes. From simple versions to super hygienic versions where you almost do not suffer from odors.

Baby massage, how should you massage your baby?

Through a good massage you can relax yourself and even feel reborn. Not only adults can enjoy this intensely, even your baby thinks a massage is great! But that is not the only advantage. A baby massage is good for your band, the immune system of your child, the circulatory system, digestion and the sleep of your baby (and thus your night's sleep!

Pain relief during home birth

If you like home you have a limited choice when it comes to pain control. This is because most medications have to be administered under the watchful eye of a specialist. Yet there are a few methods of pain relief during home birth from which you can choose. I call them below.

Do not cut the umbilical cord directly!

If your baby is still safely in your stomach, he or she is connected to the placenta via the umbilical cord. The umbilical cord includes 2 arteries and a common vein and has a length of 50 to 60 centimeters. The umbilical cord also contains important stem cells. From the placenta the umbilical cord transports nutrients, blood, oxygen and antibodies to your baby.