Development baby 0 weeks old

How incredible is this moment? This moment that you can finally hold your little baby in your arms ?! Can you understand that 9 months have already passed? Bizarre right? In this week you will mainly get used to each other and to this new situation. You have to get used to a life with (a new) baby and your baby has to get used to that cold and hard outside world.

Baby acne: The cause and what can be done about it?

After 9 months of waiting you can finally take your baby in your arms and show off with it. But in one go, several pimples and pimples appear. What that is? That is baby acne and occurs regularly in young babies. Besides that it is not very beautiful, it is fortunately not dangerous for your baby.

The best diaper bucket

A diaper pail, that is one of those things that you may not realize that you really need them, but of which you will know later that they are indeed very handy. Diaper pails are available in various types and sizes. From simple versions to super hygienic versions where you almost do not suffer from odors.

Dress up your baby in the summer, that's how you do it!

Maybe you often do not know what to do in the summer. Dressing up your baby in the summer is quite difficult. Because you do not want your baby to be too hot or too cold. With the changeable Dutch climate you never know what the day will look like. This means finding out again every day which outfit is the best.

Cut in during labor

During the delivery it can sometimes be necessary for the midwife to make a cut. Usually this happens because the baby is in distress or because you are about to rupture. After a cut has been made, your baby can be born more easily. This is the advantage of it. But cutting in during labor also has several drawbacks.

Safe with the car home from the hospital after delivery!

Most people may not immediately think about it, who think until delivery and otherwise not. But do you know what to expect after the birth of your baby? How do you safely go home from the hospital with the car after delivery for example? Have you already thought about that? We do! We met this question a lot.