Stimulate the development of the baby

Your little baby learns a lot from birth right away. Most of it goes unconsciously, but as time goes by, your baby also learns consciously. Babies love to learn and discover new things. At the moment your baby turns 1 year, he or she already has twice as much brain volume than just after birth, with countless connections between the brain cells.

Colon cramps

Intestinal cramps is a common baby ailment in babies between 6 weeks to 4 months old. Usually babies that are 6 months old do not suffer from colic or stomach cramps. Intestinal cramps are not dangerous, but very annoying for your baby and also for the parents. At the moment your baby feels cramps, the muscles of the intestinal wall are contracted.

Changing your diaper, that's how you do it!

Soon you can almost close your eyes, but the first time it takes some getting used to: changing the diaper of your newborn baby. To prevent a big shit or pee fest, we have described the steps here for diaper change. This way you are prepared and you and your baby get back to poo- and pee-free!

Dress your baby in cold weather

Soon it will be autumn again and this means that the temperatures will decrease more and more. The summer clothing goes to the attic and the winter clothing is brought out again. You know how to dress yourself in the winter, but do you know how it goes with getting a baby dressed in cold weather?

Do not cut the umbilical cord directly!

If your baby is still safely in your stomach, he or she is connected to the placenta via the umbilical cord. The umbilical cord includes 2 arteries and a common vein and has a length of 50 to 60 centimeters. The umbilical cord also contains important stem cells. From the placenta the umbilical cord transports nutrients, blood, oxygen and antibodies to your baby.

Choose tips for a birth announcement!

When you choose a birth card, you quickly hit a wall. The range is extremely large. Not only in terms of printers, but also online you have a whole range of websites where you can order the most fun birth announcements. It is almost despondent, but perhaps these tips help to make a choice easier.