Development of baby in month 10

A number of children of this age will be able to stand upright in the course of this period. Some can already do it. Of course they have to stick to something. He now supports his full foot and is no longer on his toes. It is the last stage to learn to walk.

Exit the loan during pregnancy

It is no secret that children cost a lot of money. Especially if you are pregnant with your first child, the costs are high. Think of things for the baby room, pram, high chair and all baby clothes. In addition, it is also useful if you have room for a new baby at home. To top it all off, a baby takes a lot of time and effort.

Baby clothes for the winter

Have you put a winter child on the world? Or an autumn baby and will this baby spend the first months of his or her life in the cold too? That is not bad at all! Many people say that you can give birth better in the spring or summer, but they do not understand it at all. Every season has its own charm.

Potty training: Help your child become potty trained!

No more diapers to change, that is a wonderful milestone for your child and for yourself? You need to check how much money you save on diapers! To get rid of the diapers permanently, toilet training is required. But when can you start with this and how do you handle this well? Read in this blog how you can help your child with good potty training.

Placenta or placenta

The placenta, also called placenta, is essential for the growth, development and keeping alive of your baby. During the implantation of the fertilized egg, the place where the placenta starts to develop is immediately determined. This can therefore be anywhere in the womb. The placenta is an interesting part of pregnancy.

The way to childbirth can be different

There is still a lot to be gained in primary care around childbirth, both in terms of approach and in support of women. This is stated by TNO student Marlies Rijnders, who will be awarded a PhD for effective interventions in primary obstetrics on Wednesday, 1 June. Few women referred during childbirth In the Netherlands, relatively many women are referred to a gynecologist for specialist care during pregnancy and childbirth.