Au pair - How do you arrange good for your children?

Au pair How do you arrange good for your children? You come home from work exhausted and plop down on the couch. Your boss seemed to think you had two pairs of hands and spread a strong sample of delegation. Your close colleague did not stop gossiping about Gerdy from the other department.

Baby monitor buying tips

Buying a baby monitor, what do you have to pay attention to? The developments for baby monitors do not stand still. Nowadays, besides baby monitors, there are also picture baby monitors, internet baby monitors and IP cameras that can be used as baby monitors. The first thing you can ask yourself is whether you want only sound or image and sound.

How many plasuviers does a newborn baby have?

One of those things that you do not think about in advance is that your baby's veils are quite important. It is a good indicator to find out whether your baby is getting enough nutrition. But how many diapers does a newborn baby actually have? And how many puddles does your baby have after a few weeks?

8 tips on how to train your baby

It would be nice if your child decides to do his or her needs on the toilet one day after another. But unfortunately that does not work that way. If you do not want to change diapers anymore, there is only one thing. You have to train your baby yourself. This process is also called toilet training.

Choose tips for a birth announcement!

When you choose a birth card, you quickly hit a wall. The range is extremely large. Not only in terms of printers, but also online you have a whole range of websites where you can order the most fun birth announcements. It is almost despondent, but perhaps these tips help to make a choice easier.