Everything about miscarriage

About 1 in 10 women will have a miscarriage. And believe me, that is a sadness and disappointment that you can not prepare yourself for and that is always bigger than you think in advance. A miscarriage can naturally occur naturally, but sometimes it must be generated. Unfortunately, we can not do anything to take away the grief.

Everything about pregnancy

You want a baby. This decision creates a whole stream of new events with exciting moments, happiness and sometimes setbacks. The icing on the cake is of course the arrival of your child. A moment that you may already be looking forward to. But before you can take your baby in your arms you first have to get pregnant, go through the 40 weeks of pregnancy and give birth.

If you can not get pregnant, have a lot of sex!

Getting pregnant, with some couples it goes fast and in others it seems to last forever before they are pregnant. Are you trying to get pregnant, but do not want to run like that? Sometimes the solution is very simple: have a lot of sex! Read more about causes that may cause you to fail and what you can try first before taking a step to a fertility clinic.

Car seat belt during pregnancy: What many women do not know!

Driving and being pregnant how is that? Driving and wearing the seat belt during pregnancy does not pose a danger to your baby. After all, your baby is comfortable in the amniotic fluid and this provides a nice cushion if you have an accident. But still there are things that you have to take into account when you drive with a big belly.

Driving when you are pregnant? Keep this in mind!

In principle, you can simply drive during pregnancy. If you get pregnant in the car, there are a number of things that you have to take into account. It is important for you and your baby to make the ride as comfortable and safe as possible. There are also situations where it is no longer sensible to get into the car yourself.

Driving during pregnancy

Maybe you do not think about it in advance. Until you try to wriggle yourself with a big horn. Then you might think for a moment: "Can I actually drive during pregnancy?" In this blog you can read whether you are allowed to drive when you are pregnant and until when, whether you are insured and what is the right way to wear your seat belt.

Uterus around the pregnancy

Your uterus is a pretty essential part of your pregnancy. It is the warm, cozy and protective house of your child for 9 months. You would also never be able to give birth without your dear uterus. But what do we all know about the womb? Where exactly is it, how big is it and how big is it during pregnancy?

Baby coming? We help you with all your questions

Is there a baby coming, then you are probably very happy, but you also have a lot of questions. Read a lot about pregnancy and childbirth; With a subscription to, for example, our pregnancy calendar, you can help answer these questions. Especially if you are pregnant for the first time, then everything is new for you and your partner.

Babyshower gift tips

What fun! A good friend gets a baby and so you will soon have a cozy baby shower. Maybe this is the umpteenth baby party because if one friend from your girlfriends group starts the babies, the others will follow soon. Super nice of course! But how do you ensure that you come up with a top baby gift every time?