29 weeks pregnant

Your baby has already reached the weight of 1100 grams and is just as big as a bottle gourd! When you are 29 weeks pregnant, it can happen that you have to deal with more and more discomforts. Instead, you can now feel the movements of your little shoot and sometimes even see it. Your baby has less and less space in the womb.

3 weeks pregnant

At the beginning of this week the fertilization of your egg took place. This means that a sperm cell has succeeded in penetrating the egg cell wall. The hereditary characteristics of the sperm cell and oocyte are mixed and the sex of the baby is determined. This process of fusion of the cells is called 'conception'.

30 weeks pregnant

You are already 30 weeks pregnant. The countdown can really start now! Your baby has grown again and now has a length of 38 centimeters. This is similar to a cucumber! The weight has slowly increased to 1300 grams. The development of the brain is still ongoing and your child is getting more brain tissue.

31 weeks pregnant

The moment has come when you are 31 weeks pregnant and even now there are small developments going on. Your baby has grown a little heavier (1500 grams) and somewhat larger, comparable to a coconut. You will probably still notice that your baby is really moving, although this is perhaps a bit less than before.

32 weeks pregnant

You are now 32 weeks pregnant and your baby has grown about 1 centimeter last week and is now 40 centimeters long. The weight has increased again, about 1700 to 1800 grams. Your baby is about the size of a Chinese cabbage. At the moment that thirty-two weeks are pregnant, your uterus becomes tighter for your baby.

33 weeks pregnant

You are 33 weeks pregnant, only 7 weeks left and you can go puffing and squeezing. You are probably starting to look forward to this more and more. Your baby keeps growing, so that your ailments and immobility continue to increase. Your baby now weighs 2000 grams and is just as big as a pineapple! The weight of your baby will increase even further by about 230 grams per week.

34 Weeks pregnant

Your baby is already as big as a cantaloupe melon and weighs 2250 grams now that you are 34 weeks pregnant. The lungs are now almost fully developed and your kid's kidneys are also ready. The eyes are already doing well. Since your baby has less and less room to move, you will notice that the baby is calmer.

35 weeks pregnant

The moment has arrived that you are already 35 weeks pregnant! Your baby is now just as big as a honey melon, is 43 centimeters long and weighs 2500 grams. From this week your baby is almost finished. Only the brain is still developing, but that continues even after the delivery! If you regularly feel some vibration or shock in your stomach, it means that your baby has the hiccups.

36 weeks pregnant

Is there much change now that you are 36 weeks pregnant? The answer is yes! From this week your baby, who is now as big as a crop of Roman lettuce, will go down! And hopefully he or she will do this in the right position. So this is with the head down, also called the occipital position.

37 Weeks pregnant

As soon as you are 37 weeks pregnant you reach another milestone. From now on your baby is fully mature. He or she is now as big as a chard (46.5 centimeters) and weighs 3100 grams. The fact that your baby is now fully mature means that the chances of giving birth will increase. Usually your baby will still be sitting for a few weeks, especially if this is your first baby.

38 weeks pregnant

You are 38 weeks pregnant, can you believe this? In this week and the coming weeks, there will hardly be any new developments. Your baby is still getting a bit heavier. At this moment your baby weighs 3200 grams and here comes something of 20 grams every day. This is an extra layer of fat or reserve stock.

39 Weeks pregnant

Do you feel incredibly big? That can be very good. Now that you are 39 weeks pregnant, your baby is as big as a watermelon! Still very briefly continue, the moment you can take your child in your arms is really close. Your child is also ready and is already waiting at the cervix.