19 weeks pregnant

You are already 19 weeks pregnant, more than 4 months and that means you're almost half! Your baby is now about the size of a mango, is 22 centimeters long and weighs 250 grams. The development of the senses started a few weeks ago and is now almost complete. Earlier your baby could probably already hear you, but at this stage he or she can certainly recognize all your voice.

2 weeks pregnant

Even in the second week of your pregnancy you are not pregnant, just like in the first week, but that moment is getting closer. When you are 2 weeks pregnant your egg will ripen further until it is as big as a cherry and ovulation takes place. If you have sex during that period, your egg will be fertilized at the end of this second week.

20 weeks pregnant

You're halfway, four and a half months pregnant. Congratulations! Only 20 weeks left and you can finally take your baby in your arms! At this moment your baby is 25 centimeters (similar to a winter carrot) and weighs 320 grams. Now that you are 20 weeks pregnant, your child will feel good in your stomach.

20 weeks Echo

You can have a 20-week ultrasound made, but it is certainly not compulsory. During this ultrasound, a physical examination is done with your baby. In this way possible deviations can be detected. Read here how a 20-week echo goes into his work, which deviations can be traced and whether you will finally know the gender.

21 weeks pregnant

From the moment you are 21 weeks pregnant, the development of your baby will not be that big anymore. From now on your child will mainly increase in weight and about 60 grams per week. At this moment your baby weighs 350 grams and he or she is just as big as a pomegranate (27 centimeters). Your baby is about 10 times as heavy.

22 weeks pregnant

The weight of your baby has already increased considerably since you are 22 weeks pregnant. Currently, your baby weighs about 440 grams and is as tall as a papaya (28.5 centimeters). You will probably have noticed that not only the weight of your baby has increased. That you become heavier is part of it, especially when you consider that you get more and more amniotic fluid in your body.

23 weeks pregnant

You are 23 weeks pregnant and your baby has now reached the weight of 500 grams and is now just as big as a grapefruit (30.5 centimeters). In proportion, the head was pretty big so far. Starting this week, the body will grow faster so that the entire body becomes more and more proportionate.

24 weeks pregnant

The end of the second trimester is in sight now that you are 24 weeks pregnant. Your baby is about the same size as a corn cob this week and has a length of 32 centimeters with a weight of about 560 grams. Your belly will probably have grown considerably and that is of course not crazy since your baby gets heavier by the week.

25 weeks pregnant

The moment has arrived that you are 25 weeks pregnant. Are you secretly already counting down a bit? Your belly and therefore your baby is still growing and your baby is now just as big as a swede. In centimeters this is 32 centimeters and the weight is already on the 650 grams. From now on your baby will swim around less in the amniotic fluid because there is less space.

26 weeks pregnant

Now that you are 26 weeks pregnant you have reached a small milestone again. Your child is now viable! The chance that your baby can survive outside the womb is 81%. But hopefully he or she will stay for a short while because the lungs, brains and resistance have to be further developed. Your baby is now 33 centimeters and about the same size as a courgette.

27 weeks pregnant

Now that you are 27 weeks pregnant, you are at the end of the second trimester! Your child is still growing a bit in length, but will increase in weight over the coming weeks. At this moment your baby is 34 centimeters and about the same size as a cauliflower. The weight has already increased to 800 grams.

28 weeks pregnant

You are 28 weeks pregnant and that means you have reached a new milestone: the third and last trimester! These last steps will literally weigh the heaviest. Your baby increases in weight every week, which means that your stomach is getting bigger and heavier. Exercising will become increasingly difficult in the coming weeks and you will probably be tired sooner.