Which pregnancy course suits you?

Is a pregnancy course needed? It is entirely up to you whether you want to follow a pregnancy course or not. If you become a mother for the first time, it can certainly contribute. There are an awful lot of pregnancy courses. Thus, one is focused on feeling fit and staying fit during pregnancy, the other focuses on contractions and another is about breastfeeding.

24 weeks pregnant

The end of the second trimester is in sight now that you are 24 weeks pregnant. Your baby is about the same size as a corn cob this week and has a length of 32 centimeters with a weight of about 560 grams. Your belly will probably have grown considerably and that is of course not crazy since your baby gets heavier by the week.

25 weeks pregnant

The moment has arrived that you are 25 weeks pregnant. Are you secretly already counting down a bit? Your belly and therefore your baby is still growing and your baby is now just as big as a swede. In centimeters this is 32 centimeters and the weight is already on the 650 grams. From now on your baby will swim around less in the amniotic fluid because there is less space.

5 weeks pregnant

If you are 5 weeks pregnant, the pregnancy ailments (if you already had) worsens and more of the hCG hormone is produced. If you do a pregnancy test now, it can tell you that you are pregnant. Women who are sensitive to these hormones suffer from nausea, headache, fatigue and sensitive or tense breasts.

The expulsion phase of the birth

The moment is finally there: the birth can begin! This means that you can give in to the urge to press, but not before the midwife has checked with an internal examination whether you have complete access. It is not wise to fully squeeze before your digestion because the cervix is ​​not yet stretched far enough enough to let your baby's head through.

Getting pregnant after the pill

The moment you want to become pregnant you must of course stop taking the pill. The pill contains hormones that ensure that you do not ovulate. After you have stopped taking the pill you naturally want to be as soon as possible in expectation. But how long does it take if you want to become pregnant after the pill?

Unwanted pregnancy! What now?

Are you pregnant? But did you not plan this completely and actually did not want it? What now? Women who become pregnant unwittingly face a very difficult choice. Are you going to keep your baby? Are you getting rid of it or are you going to give it up for adoption? Since your choice is very radical anyway, it is wise to think about it carefully.

Like Tinder: An App to make a baby!

You probably know Tinder. I probably do not need to tell you about that. But did you know that there is also an App to make babies? The App works in the same way as the Tinder App, with swiping! Swipe to the right if you have found the suitable sperm donor and left if you do not like it.

Urgency declaration in pregnancy

Are you pregnant, but is your current home really too small or not suitable for a baby? In principle, there is only one thing: moving. Unfortunately, finding a suitable home is not that easy nowadays. House prices are abnormally high and for a rental home you also pay the main price.

19 weeks pregnant

You are already 19 weeks pregnant, more than 4 months and that means you're almost half! Your baby is now about the size of a mango, is 22 centimeters long and weighs 250 grams. The development of the senses started a few weeks ago and is now almost complete. Earlier your baby could probably already hear you, but at this stage he or she can certainly recognize all your voice.

Intestinal cramps during pregnancy

Do you know the intestinal cramps that you sometimes have when you suddenly need to go to the bathroom for number 2 (relief)? Even if you are pregnant you can suffer from intestinal cramps during pregnancy. Some women have the cramps occasionally, others have a lot of problems. As long as you know that it is cramps, there is not much going on.

Babyshower gift tips

What fun! A good friend gets a baby and so you will soon have a cozy baby shower. Maybe this is the umpteenth baby party because if one friend from your girlfriends group starts the babies, the others will follow soon. Super nice of course! But how do you ensure that you come up with a top baby gift every time?