1 week pregnant

It is always indicated that a pregnancy lasts 40 weeks. But actually that is not entirely true. The actual pregnancy, ie the period that the fertilized egg grows into a baby, takes 38 weeks. Those other 2 weeks are the weeks before the egg is actually fertilized. In the first week of your pregnancy you are not really pregnant, but still this week belongs to your pregnancy because it is an important part of the entire process.

10 Fables about getting pregnant

From the moment you make it known that you are 'going to try' a deluge of information will soon come over you. Certainly when you go Googling you get a lot of nonsense and therefore fables about getting pregnant. In order to ensure that you do not worry unnecessarily, we will disprove a number of fables here.

10 questions to determine if you are pregnant

Have you recently unsafe sex and do you want to know if you might be pregnant? Then answer our 10 questions to see if you should get a pregnancy test at the drugstore. Have you already had a period this month? [{"title": "Nothing is wrong", "points": "0"}, {"title": "There is a chance that you are pregnant", "points": "2"}, { "title": "You are very likely pregnant!

10 weeks pregnant

The length of your baby is now 4.5 centimeters, this is about the same size as a cherry. The weight is about 5 grams. When you are 10 weeks pregnant, the tail that your child has had until now completely disappeared. The organs have already been made in the other weeks and are now being matured. In proportion, the head is still quite large because the brain is developed at a rapid pace.

11 weeks pregnant

Your baby reaches a length of about 5.5 centimeters in week 11 and has a weight of 10 grams. The size of your child is similar to a sprout. If you are 11 weeks pregnant, the most important basis of your baby is laid. All organs are made like the hands, arms, legs, feet, face, brain and heart.

12 weeks pregnant

The size of your baby has doubled in the last 3 weeks! At this moment he or she is 6.5 centimeters tall, comparable to a plum, and the weight is 20 grams. Twelve weeks of reaching pregnant is an important milestone because the development of the baby is almost complete. He or she now only needs to grow.

13 weeks pregnant

If you are 13 weeks pregnant then you have reached the end of the first trimester of your pregnancy! The chance of a miscarriage is now very small and so it is a good time to let everyone know that you are in good expectation (if you had not already done so)! You will also notice that you have virtually no problems with pregnancy ailments and that you have more energy.

14 weeks pregnant

You are already 14 weeks pregnant and that means you are in your second trimester this week! Your baby is now about the same size as a lemon (8.5 centimeters) and weighs between 43 and 60 grams. As you have been able to read at 13 weeks, the development of your baby is almost complete. He or she must now only grow and there are still a few points to be put on the proverbial 'i'.

15 weeks pregnant

Now that you are 15 weeks pregnant you have been sitting there for 105 days! Your baby keeps growing nicely and now has the size of an apple (11 centimeters) and weighs 90 grams. The little uk is becoming a real person. The ears are now in the right place of the head and no longer in the neck. The eyes have also been moved forward.

16 weeks pregnant

In the meantime you have a small avocado in your stomach and your baby is 15 centimeters in size with a weight of 120 grams. Women who are 16 weeks pregnant often have a beautiful pregnancy glow so you look radiant and beautiful. Take those pounds you arrive so just for granted, because that is part of it.

17 weeks pregnant

You are already 17 weeks pregnant. Your baby is now about the same size as a pear. The length is 18 centimeters and the weight is 150 grams. In your stomach your baby is really moving with his feet, hands, arms and legs. He will also train the muscles in the face by tapping the mouth and raising eyebrows.

18 weeks pregnant

You are 18 weeks pregnant and your baby is now about 20 centimeters. Just as big as a bell pepper and the weight is 200 grams. Your womb has the size of a melon with eighteen weeks of gestation. So it is not strange when you begin to see a belly. If this is your first child, your belly will still be small.