The how and why of night feeding!

The broken nights that you will irrevocably have after the arrival of your baby are caused to a large extent by night feeding. In the first months the night nutrients are needed. Your baby has only a small stomach. This means your baby has to eat more often. The night nutrients therefore play an important role in growth.

Feeding on request or feeding on schedule?

There are two ways to feed your baby: feeding on request or feeding on schedule. If you are going to feed your baby on request then you actually feed on demand. In both cases, your baby determines how often you need to feed. When feeding on schedule you feed on the clock. Both for breastfeeding and bottle feeding it is possible to apply both ways.

Nutritional postures while feeding the baby

There is a very nice statement: you have breastfeeding, you need to learn how to breastfeed. No brand new mother can breastfeed immediately in the right way. You are inexperienced yourself, but do not forget that your baby also has to get used to it. In the beginning it will therefore be a good search for nutritional positions that work best for you and your baby.

How often does a baby drink the first few days?

As a brand new parent, you stand every moment of the day for something new that you still have to learn. You do not think about it in advance until the baby is there. Then you suddenly ask yourself: how often does a baby drink? Is the amount my baby drinks enough? And how long do I have to feed?