Can I give my baby nutritional supplements?

To give an immediate answer to this question: giving your baby nutritional supplements is even very good for the development of your baby, provided of course you choose the right one. Two vitamins are essential for babies. In this article you will find out which baby vitamins you should give in bottle feeding and which during breastfeeding.

Cow's milk protein allergy in babies

Cow's milk protein allergy in babies occurs in about 2 to 6% of all babies born. In short, the allergy means that your baby's body sees the protein in cow's milk as an intruder. Your child is going to make antibodies against the protein and this gives allergic reactions.

The first baby snacks and exercise snacks

The first 4 months you do not really have to think about what you give your baby to eat. Your baby 'only' eats bottle-feeding or breast-feeding. But if your baby is around 4 months old, you can start with the first baby snacks, or exercise snacks. In the beginning it does not mean much and probably only one spoon will go inside.

Christmas menu for your toddler

Christmas is coming and the biggest question is: what are we going to eat at Christmas? And especially: which Christmas menu can you take care of for your toddler? In this blog I have some useful tips for a good Christmas menu for your toddler. And if you read carefully, you can also win a delicious Christmas box for your toddler, full of delicious Christmas meals (for your toddler then hey)!

Tips to teach your baby to eat fruit and vegetables

Although diets and diet gurus grow up like mushrooms all around us, we continue to struggle with obesity in the Netherlands. This also applies to our children. A major cause of this is wrong and bad food and in particular a shortage of fruit and vegetables. Do you want your child not to go out for vegetables and do you want to contribute to his health?

What is the best baby food?

The most important task that your little baby has is to grow. Grow in height and weight. Because by growing your baby becomes stronger and he or she can develop. To promote growth, your baby needs a lot of rest and your little one needs good baby food. You can choose between breastfeeding and bottle feeding.

Baby feeding schedule

If you have just received a baby, this is one of the first things that raises questions about the baby's feeding schedule. How much and how often should you feed your baby? When do you start with the first snacks (also called exercise snacks) and when do you switch to complete meals? In this blog you will find a useful feeding schedule for your baby.

Locust bean gum baby food, how about that?

Locust bean gum consists of ground germinating seeds of the carob tree. The bread gum contains fibers that have no nutritional value. If your baby suffers from reflux, it is sometimes recommended that you can carry carob bean flour through the baby food. But how does that work exactly and what is the difference between locust bean gum and rice flour?

Rapley method, how does that work?

You can introduce your child to real food by serving your baby pureed vegetables and fruit. But you can also opt for the Rapley method. In this method, your baby learns to eat by yourself in a playful way. Do you want to know how to use this method? We tell you! What is the Rapley method?

Baby spits 2 hours after feeding

It is quite normal for a baby to give back mouths after feeding. This can be immediately after feeding and sometimes it can happen that the baby spits 2 hours after feeding. What your baby spits then usually smells a bit more acidic because it has been in the stomach for a while. If this is every time, your baby pees well, looks satisfied and does not lose weight, nothing is wrong.

Baby eats little fruit and vegetables

The data from the Statistics Netherlands health survey (in collaboration with the nutrition center and RIVM) show that in the Netherlands only 50% of children aged between 1 and 4 eat enough fruit and vegetables. The other 50% is not! That is very unfortunate because children miss a number of important nutrients.

Bottle feeding with spring water

If you give your baby bottle-feeding, then of course you want to ensure that you give your baby the best. So bottle-feeding without bacteria, metals or a high dose of lime, because that can occur in tap water. Is it safe to use tap water nowadays or do you need to bottle-feed with spring water?