How do you survive night nutrients? 9 tips!

The reason that with many new parents the bags under the eyes with the week become bigger and darker, is because of the broken nights. And these broken nights are partly caused by night feeding. You hardly get lost because your little one is just hungry. If your baby really needs food at night or if only attention is needed, then you will have to think of a way to survive the night nutrients.

How often does a baby have to take a bath?

Bathing your little baby is often one of those things you have to do as a brand new parent that you have no experience with. Do you want to know how to approach this? Read here how to put your newborn baby in the bath. We can also reassure you a little: the first time you will be assisted by the maternity assistant.

How often do you have to change a diaper?

A question often asked at the clinic and in the hospital ward is: "How often do you have to change a diaper? ". New parents are often insecure about many things and so also about changing diapers. In this blog I will tell you more about when you should change a diaper.

How many plasuviers does a newborn baby have?

One of those things that you do not think about in advance is that your baby's veils are quite important. It is a good indicator to find out whether your baby is getting enough nutrition. But how many diapers does a newborn baby actually have? And how many puddles does your baby have after a few weeks?

Huggies new improved diapers offer!

Huggies, you know that other brand of diapers, has recently made her diapers even better. The diapers are not only breathable and as soft as cotton, you can also tell by the color if the diaper is too wet! Very handy. Especially with a newborn baby, because then you do not have to bother your baby to see if the diaper needs to be changed.

Dress your baby in cold weather

Soon it will be autumn again and this means that the temperatures will decrease more and more. The summer clothing goes to the attic and the winter clothing is brought out again. You know how to dress yourself in the winter, but do you know how it goes with getting a baby dressed in cold weather?

Dress up your baby in the summer, that's how you do it!

Maybe you often do not know what to do in the summer. Dressing up your baby in the summer is quite difficult. Because you do not want your baby to be too hot or too cold. With the changeable Dutch climate you never know what the day will look like. This means finding out again every day which outfit is the best.

Keep your baby at temperature in heat and hot weather

Especially for new parents, a heat wave can bring some stress. How can you keep your baby at temperature during heat or hot weather? What do you attract your baby in warm weather, what is the ideal temperature of the baby room and how do you prevent heat build-up or overheating in your baby?

Choose childcare! What should you pay attention to?

Choosing childcare is something you should think about in some parts of the Netherlands before you are pregnant! This is because in these places there are only a limited number of childcare places compared to the number of children. We work with waiting lists and then you tend to be less choosy and choose the best childcare for the first.

Changing your diaper, that's how you do it!

Soon you can almost close your eyes, but the first time it takes some getting used to: changing the diaper of your newborn baby. To prevent a big shit or pee fest, we have described the steps here for diaper change. This way you are prepared and you and your baby get back to poo- and pee-free!

Milk teeth brushing tips

We all know that brushing is very important. A beautiful and healthy teeth looks good and also ensures that we have little pain in our teeth. But do you know that even before the first teeth have come through, you can start brushing? And that the condition of the milk teeth influences the permanent teeth?

Rolling over the baby's stimulation is something you do!

An important point in the physical development of your baby is the moment your baby starts rolling over. Because after rolling over the baby comes crawling and then walking. Roll over is the sign that the muscles of your baby become stronger. Because it is such an important point, it is always good to give your baby a subtle helping hand.