How often does a baby have to take a bath?

Bathing your little baby is often one of those things you have to do as a brand new parent that you have no experience with. Do you want to know how to approach this? Read here how to put your newborn baby in the bath. We can also reassure you a little: the first time you will be assisted by the maternity assistant.

The best diaper bucket

A diaper pail, that is one of those things that you may not realize that you really need them, but of which you will know later that they are indeed very handy. Diaper pails are available in various types and sizes. From simple versions to super hygienic versions where you almost do not suffer from odors.

Drinking cups that do not leak. How does that work?

Drinking cups or lunch cups, you can buy them anywhere. And sooner or later you also have to believe it and get it into your home. But how does a drinking cup actually work? In this video a mother shows where that rubber cap is used for. I did not know, and I think many with me. This mother shows you, already more than 1 million times viewed.

Cut the nails of the baby

If the nails of your baby are too long, he or she can cause a lot of damage. You can prevent this by regularly cutting the baby's nails. But how can you do that best? And from when do you have to cut the nails of the baby? Read all about this in this blog. Cutting nails from a baby younger than 3 months If your baby is younger than 3 months, then you better not cut the nails.

Washable diapers that's how it works!

Washable diapers are really better for the environment than disposable diapers. Even when you wash them at 60 degrees and then happily throw in the dryer. In addition, they are also cheaper in the longer term. All environmentally and money-conscious mothers can therefore opt for washable diapers. But how does it actually work with those diapers?

The best sunburn for your baby

In the summer we want to go outside with our baby and enjoy the sun. Probably everyone knows that it is not wise to leave your baby unprotected in the sun. That is so lubrication, lubrication, lubrication. But what is the best sunburn for your baby? Read here what you should pay attention to and which sunscreen is most recommended.

Buy a good baby thermometer

Does your baby have a fever or not? Is your baby too hot or too cold? As a parent, you want your child to be healthy and warm up. To determine this, you need a baby thermometer. But which is the best thermometer that you can purchase from the many species that are available? Read the answer here to buy a good baby thermometer.

Baby clothes for the winter

Have you put a winter child on the world? Or an autumn baby and will this baby spend the first months of his or her life in the cold too? That is not bad at all! Many people say that you can give birth better in the spring or summer, but they do not understand it at all. Every season has its own charm.

Best spot for potty training

Potty training is a very important moment during parenting. In the beginning it can sometimes be difficult, but if you succeed, you realize how wonderful it is. No more diapers! You can immediately save a lot of costs. If you start with potty training, you must have a spotlight.

Milk teeth brushing tips

We all know that brushing is very important. A beautiful and healthy teeth looks good and also ensures that we have little pain in our teeth. But do you know that even before the first teeth have come through, you can start brushing? And that the condition of the milk teeth influences the permanent teeth?

How many plasuviers does a newborn baby have?

One of those things that you do not think about in advance is that your baby's veils are quite important. It is a good indicator to find out whether your baby is getting enough nutrition. But how many diapers does a newborn baby actually have? And how many puddles does your baby have after a few weeks?

How often do you have to change a diaper?

A question often asked at the clinic and in the hospital ward is: "How often do you have to change a diaper? ". New parents are often insecure about many things and so also about changing diapers. In this blog I will tell you more about when you should change a diaper.