What do you do when a baby refuses to take medication?

Helena Lee, mother and nurse, recently shared a handy trick on Facebook that you can use when a baby refuses to take medication. Her method is actually very simple, but you have to come up with it. A syringe and a baby bottle is all you need. Trick when your baby refuses to take medication Her own baby did not want to take the medicine until she remembered this trick.

Dress up your baby in the summer, that's how you do it!

Maybe you often do not know what to do in the summer. Dressing up your baby in the summer is quite difficult. Because you do not want your baby to be too hot or too cold. With the changeable Dutch climate you never know what the day will look like. This means finding out again every day which outfit is the best.

Dress your baby in cold weather

Soon it will be autumn again and this means that the temperatures will decrease more and more. The summer clothing goes to the attic and the winter clothing is brought out again. You know how to dress yourself in the winter, but do you know how it goes with getting a baby dressed in cold weather?

Best pacifier and why this one!

Of course you want to buy the best pacifier for your little one, but which is that? Because you have pacifiers with various colors and shapes. Yes, even when it comes to pacifiers, it is not made easy for you. That is why we are happy to help you determine which pacifier you can best buy for your little one.

Bathroom remodeling for the baby

Are you going to remodel the bathroom for the baby? Very sensible, because a comfortable and above all safe bathroom is very important for the small shoot. There are a lot of accidents in the bathroom. Think of falling, drowning or burning danger. Do you want to completely rebuild your bathroom?

8 tips on how to train your baby

It would be nice if your child decides to do his or her needs on the toilet one day after another. But unfortunately that does not work that way. If you do not want to change diapers anymore, there is only one thing. You have to train your baby yourself. This process is also called toilet training.

Fontanel of the baby

All babies have a kind of opening or dent on top of the head. This is called the fontanelle. The fontanel of the baby has multiple functions. This makes the delivery a little easier and the brain of your baby gets room to grow. The fontanel of the baby seems very fragile, but it is well protected.

Everything about slings

Woven cloths are back again completely. I must be honest that at first I was a bit skeptical about it. Why? I do not really know, but as soon as something is a hype, I get the feeling that I do not want to go with it. But I have to say honestly: those slings are not that bad.

10 tips on rompers

Every baby is comfortable in a romper all day long. That is not without reason because rompers are incredibly easy, comfortable and practical. If you are looking for brand new parents and want to buy nice rompers, you will soon find out that these tiny garments are available in many shapes and sizes.

What do diapers cost?

The question we get from parents is: what do diapers cost? A very important question, because if you do not handle it well you can lose around 770 euros after the first year. But if you do it smartly and pay attention to all offers, you will save a lot of money very quickly. Read this blog to get an answer to the question: what do diapers cost?

Electric cargo bikes

Do you have to carry more than 2 children, or a lot of stuff? Do you want to be 'green'? Maybe an electric cargo bike is something for you! Especially if you have to cycle a longer distance. Because you have pedal assistance, driving on such an electric cargo bike is a piece of cake. Interested?

Brush your teeth so you do!

A good oral care of your baby can not start early enough. So that means having fun brushing your teeth with your baby. Bringing your own toothbrush and toothpaste is not a good idea. Those little brittle teeth are not yet resistant to that. How you can brush teeth with your baby can be read here!