10 tips on rompers

Every baby is comfortable in a romper all day long. That is not without reason because rompers are incredibly easy, comfortable and practical. If you are looking for brand new parents and want to buy nice rompers, you will soon find out that these tiny garments are available in many shapes and sizes.

8 tips on how to train your baby

It would be nice if your child decides to do his or her needs on the toilet one day after another. But unfortunately that does not work that way. If you do not want to change diapers anymore, there is only one thing. You have to train your baby yourself. This process is also called toilet training.

Everything about slings

Woven cloths are back again completely. I must be honest that at first I was a bit skeptical about it. Why? I do not really know, but as soon as something is a hype, I get the feeling that I do not want to go with it. But I have to say honestly: those slings are not that bad.

Brush your teeth so you do!

A good oral care of your baby can not start early enough. So that means having fun brushing your teeth with your baby. Bringing your own toothbrush and toothpaste is not a good idea. Those little brittle teeth are not yet resistant to that. How you can brush teeth with your baby can be read here!

Sterilize and clean baby bottles

A lot of bacteria can accumulate on bottles and teats. We as adults can against this, but your little baby has to work on a good immune system. That is why it is wise to regularly sterilize baby bottles and clean them. How you can do that, how long and until when can you read here!

Baby clothes buy tips

You often only notice when you become a mother or father, that some things that seemed very simple at first seem more difficult than thought. Think about buying baby clothes, for example. What can you buy the best and what should you have at home for the small shoot? In this blog I will give you the most important tips to ensure that you have the right baby clothing and the right amount.

Baby clothes for the winter

Have you put a winter child on the world? Or an autumn baby and will this baby spend the first months of his or her life in the cold too? That is not bad at all! Many people say that you can give birth better in the spring or summer, but they do not understand it at all. Every season has its own charm.

Baby massage, how should you massage your baby?

Through a good massage you can relax yourself and even feel reborn. Not only adults can enjoy this intensely, even your baby thinks a massage is great! But that is not the only advantage. A baby massage is good for your band, the immune system of your child, the circulatory system, digestion and the sleep of your baby (and thus your night's sleep!

Bathroom remodeling for the baby

Are you going to remodel the bathroom for the baby? Very sensible, because a comfortable and above all safe bathroom is very important for the small shoot. There are a lot of accidents in the bathroom. Think of falling, drowning or burning danger. Do you want to completely rebuild your bathroom?

Best pacifier and why this one!

Of course you want to buy the best pacifier for your little one, but which is that? Because you have pacifiers with various colors and shapes. Yes, even when it comes to pacifiers, it is not made easy for you. That is why we are happy to help you determine which pacifier you can best buy for your little one.

Best spot for potty training

Potty training is a very important moment during parenting. In the beginning it can sometimes be difficult, but if you succeed, you realize how wonderful it is. No more diapers! You can immediately save a lot of costs. If you start with potty training, you must have a spotlight.

Choose the best bottle warmer! What should you pay attention to?

As with all electrical products or all baby items, there are also many different types of bottle warmers available. One even more sophisticated than the other. Do you want to know which bottle warmer best suits your needs and that of your baby? Read more about the best bottle warmer of 2018 and what they actually contribute to your household.