Pull-out bed or co-sleeper? Sleep safely with your baby!

Nowadays they are becoming increasingly popular: a bedside cot or co-sleeper. These are beds that you can attach to the parental bed. That way you have your baby very close to you, but he or she sleeps on his own mattress under his own blanket. It sounds very good, but opinions are divided over a bed or co-sleeper.

Allowing baby to sleep outside in Scandinavia

For nine months you have carried your baby warm and safe with you. But then you suddenly read in news reports that people let their baby sleep outside in Scandinavia, even if it is freezing! This trend seems to be slowly moving to the Netherlands and I have started to study your baby outside.

Sleeping baby in the parents' room is good for the baby!

There has been a lot of discussion for years about whether or not you can let a baby sleep in the parents' room. Opponents say that babies become too dependent on their parents when they sleep in the room. Proponents say that it is good for, for example, the bonding. Recently, a good research has been done for the first time and it turns out that letting a baby sleep in the parents' room can be good for your little one!

The best baby monitor with the best rating!

The question many new parents ask themselves is: what is the best baby monitor? To be very honest here is not an immediate answer. There are different types of baby monitors. For example, baby monitors with only sound, with sound and vision or internet baby monitors. The question is therefore more important to yourself.

The best baby sleeping bag

Many experts claim that you can best place your baby in a baby sleeping bag. So your baby can never end up with the head under the covers or at night roll easily on the belly. This is very dangerous for your little one. Now there are of course many different baby sleeping bags for sale, read here how to choose the best baby sleeping bag for your sweet baby!

The best sleeping position and other tips for safe sleeping of the baby!

In order to ensure that you bring the baby to sleep safely to the highest level, there are a number of guidelines that you should consider. Yes, even at bedtime, certain things are very important. So it is not a matter of laying in bed and goodnight. No no. Things such as the best sleeping position of the baby, the type of bed, bedding and environmental factors play a major role in the safety of your child during a nap.

Sleeping baby

Newborn babies do not sleep through at night. Just about every 3 or 4 hours you have to leave your bed to feed your baby. As the bags begin to grow, you will increasingly long for the moment your baby goes to sleep. Sleeping baby is different with every baby, but we will tell you in this blog what the average time is that you will get more sleep.

Does my baby not get too cold in bed?

It does not matter whether it is day or night, summer or winter: you always want the best for your baby. If you have just become older, you are faced with a nice challenge: how do you ensure that your baby always has a good time. Often you will ask yourself: 'Does not my baby have it too cold?' On the other hand, of course, you do not want your baby to be too hot.

Swinging you do so!

Swaddling (or some people say raid) was once very normal, but has not been done much for a while. Nowadays the swaddling of your baby is back again. It can really help to make your baby sleep better and safer. It is mainly done in babies who cry a lot and sleep badly.

Sleep rhythm of a baby

How much does a newborn baby sleep? How much does a baby actually sleep during the day? And when do you not have to go out two or three times a night to feed your baby? Recognizable questions? In this blog we tell you more about the sleeping rhythm of a baby. How much sleep does your baby need? How much sleep your baby needs depends on the age and on your baby.

Tips for the sustainable design of the baby room

If you expect a small one, the nursery is a big project. For which colors do you choose and what should all be bought? You want nothing but the best for your future baby. With a sustainable baby room you give your little one a healthy sleeping environment and you also think about the environment.

Sleeping safely for your baby: The guidelines

Sleeping your baby safely is very important. Because even during the sleep of your little one, dangers lie in wait such as cot death. You can reduce the risk of cot death if you follow the tips of the Baby Safety Committee. Read all the tips for safe sleeping for your baby. At the bottom of this page I made a short summary or checklist so that you can get it at the beginning.