Help, my child stutters!

About five percent of the children suffer from stuttering at some point in their lives. I am deliberately using this in brackets, because the child often does not notice that much. Eighty percent of the children will then automatically go over. However, it is a shock to many parents when their child begins to stutter.

High sensitive and introverted or extroverted behavior

We hear it increasingly often the term highly sensitive. It seems like we are all becoming more and more sensitive to inner stimuli and stimuli from outside. How we deal with these stimuli depends on whether we belong to the introvert type or extrovert type (Carl Jung). Introvert & extrovert Introversion is focused on the inner world, extraversion is focused on the outside world.

Gifted - What does this mean for your child?

First of all, I want to give the definition of word highly gifted: "Highly gifted is a form of exceptional intelligence, not in a specific area but in general". But what does it mean to be gifted in daily life? Let us first say that 'gifted or new age children' are all labels that are stuck to make a distinction between the behavior of a child or adult.

Giftedness in small children

Every child develops in his own way and at his own speed. One is faster with walking, the other knows how to express himself more rapperly. The big lines will not escape each other, however. But there are exceptions, children whose development is remarkably faster, but which are also slightly different in others than others.

Hyperactive - Preventive tips for overstimulation

Every day we are exposed to many stimuli of our senses from the outside world, but also from our inner self. We see 2 reactions in case of overstimulation or hyperactivity. You become hyperactive, ADHD symptoms or you retreat. Both do not offer a lasting solution, so here are some tips to prevent over-stimulation.

Characteristics of a development advantage

One of the most frequently asked questions from parents of children is: How do you recognize a developmental advantage in a young child? This is also the most difficult question to answer. Difficult to get security Below is an overview of characteristics that are common. This list is based on stories from parents who know retroactively that their child had a developmental advantage.

New age children approach you lovingly and with respect, not with Ritalin!

New age children, or highly sensitive children and young adults. They have a beautiful predominantly indigo blue sparkling aura ... you immediately recognize them with their eyes in the eyes and especially the way they are currently in life. I am also highly sensitive and feel and recognize these children / young adults immediately at a glance.

New age children, ADHD and Autism

New age children, ADHD and autism have a special agreement with each other, namely highly developed senses. They are all very aware of external stimuli. One will have a very well developed hearing, the other a strongly developed sense of smell or sometimes several senses that are highly developed.

Telepathy in children: A special experience

Telepathy in children: A special way of communicating. I have known for a while that my son, a new-age child, is. Actually, I know that since he was born. The look in his eyes when he was barely born, the speed of learning in the months afterwards and the frustration when he did not manage to talk for four months ... You saw that he tried it and his mind wanted to, but his body could take this pace do not follow.

Pregnancy silos: Losing weight after pregnancy

It is of course wonderful to put such a small hummeltje on the world. It is only sometimes annoying that you have a small 'gift' left: the pregnancy silos. Some women only get 8 kilos, but other women have to do with 20 kilos of extra meat on the hook. How can you limit those pregnancy silos and how can you lose weight after the pregnancy?

10 things you learn as a mother!

Motherhood is not for everyone? That is certainly not so bad, because if you are a mother later, you will soon find out that you had a lot more to offer than you ever imagined! When you are after the birth of your pink cloud, it starts to become a mother. And what are you going to learn and do a lot!

17 June Father's Day: Time to surprise new dad with these gift ideas

As a new mom and dad, your life is suddenly largely dominated by the little one. Together you enjoy what you have put in the world for beautiful things, and that is how it is heard as parents. But what you as parents do not have to forget is yourself and each other. And that is why Mother's Day (this year was 13 May) and Father's Day (Sunday, June 17) are great moments to appreciate each other as mom and dad.