Postnatal depression

After 40 weeks of pregnancy you can finally take your baby in your arms, a moment of joy that announces a new era. Are you on a pink cloud? Or do you feel dejected or depressed after the birth of your baby and do you not like your baby to make matters worse? In that case, you may suffer from postnatal depression or maternal tears.

Sports after pregnancy, when is it allowed again?

The biggest and heaviest 'workout' you will ever have is your birth. And as with every workout, it's important to give your body time to recover. Do you want to know when you can start to get rid of those pregnancy silos? Read here when you can start exercising after the pregnancy.

Stop working after delivery

Being pregnant, a birth, a new life in the house: it's nothing! It is sometimes very difficult to combine your new life with child (or children) with your job. It used to be quite normal that mothers stayed at home and fathers started working, but that is a lot different nowadays. Both parents work and choose to work a little less.

Tips for dealing with broken nights

A baby is wonderful and you can really enjoy that sweet little face and mini hands and feet. The only major disadvantage that such a small one brings with it are the broken nights. No matter how easy or inconvenient your baby is, you will not end up among the broken nights. The only thing you can do is to deal with it.

Costumes or carnival wear for pregnant women

If, like me, you come from Brabant, you are looking forward to carnival every year. And well, sometimes it can be that carnival just falls during your pregnancy period. Do not go? Of course it is! Not only can you celebrate a sober carnival, you can also look super nice, precisely because you have a round belly.

What should you pay attention to with a mom bike or mother bike?

If you have children, a real mom bike or mother bike is definitely a godsend. If you switch to such a 'superbike bike' you will soon wonder why you had not done that before. A mamafiets is not just a decent bike, it is a bicycle where the design is well thought about how the bike can serve its best purpose, namely that you can safely ride with your child (or children and also your groceries) without danger to walk.

Why walking after childbirth is good

Walking after childbirth is an incredibly good way to get back on track without risking a lot of danger. The chance that you overload yourself or your sutures when walking is very small. Very safe and safe. It is also a good way to gently strengthen your childbirth and you will find that you really relax.

This way you create more time for yourself as a mother!

Time for yourself is very important. It is a moment to relax and do something that you need. If you never take time for yourself and keep on going and continue working, housekeeping, taking care of the children, being a woman for your husband and keeping up with social contacts without having to rest, you will be bothered by this.