First working day after delivery

After the birth you still have about 10 to 12 weeks of leave. A nice time to get used to living with a small baby and also to get to know those little ones. Maybe you can not get enough of it, but it can also be that after a few weeks it will start to itch again. You want to work again.

How fast sex after delivery?

Now that there is no belly the size of a pumpkin between you and your partner, it may be time that you have sex again. Or not? Because how fast can and do you want sex after delivery? That is very different for each woman. Some women have a higher libido than others.

Breast inflammation

Women who are breast-feeding may be affected by breast inflammation also called mastitis. If you have chest inflammation, it is anything but fun and can be very painful. Some women can also get sick of it. Fortunately, there are several ways to prevent and treat chest inflammation.

What should you pay attention to with a mom bike or mother bike?

If you have children, a real mom bike or mother bike is definitely a godsend. If you switch to such a 'superbike bike' you will soon wonder why you had not done that before. A mamafiets is not just a decent bike, it is a bicycle where the design is well thought about how the bike can serve its best purpose, namely that you can safely ride with your child (or children and also your groceries) without danger to walk.

Abdominal exercises after childbirth

A pregnancy is always accompanied by some extra body weight and getting a belly. Even after birth, it will take some time before your belly is back to the size you had before the pregnancy. To get the belly off, it is important that you start eating healthy again. Also abdominal exercises after childbirth can help to make your abdominal muscles strong again.

Why walking after childbirth is good

Walking after childbirth is an incredibly good way to get back on track without risking a lot of danger. The chance that you overload yourself or your sutures when walking is very small. Very safe and safe. It is also a good way to gently strengthen your childbirth and you will find that you really relax.

Postnatal depression

After 40 weeks of pregnancy you can finally take your baby in your arms, a moment of joy that announces a new era. Are you on a pink cloud? Or do you feel dejected or depressed after the birth of your baby and do you not like your baby to make matters worse? In that case, you may suffer from postnatal depression or maternal tears.

Defamation after delivery

During pregnancy you probably have not been yourself. That was partly caused by hormones and the fact that you had a child in your stomach. But if you think that you are soon the 'old' again after your pregnancy, then unfortunately we have bad news. After your childbirth you will really have to get pregnant and that can take several months.