Hair dye and pregnancy

You're pregnant. And of course you do not want to do anything that could endanger your child, but of course you want to continue to look as radiant as possible. And if you look critically in the mirror, you see that that outgrowth is getting bigger and bigger. You would prefer to run straight to the barber shop to have it dyeed.

Pretty mama

As a working or full-time mother, you are busy. Time for yourself regularly comes in, as well as time for taking care of your body. Yet it is important to keep investing in yourself. Your child is after all the most bathed with a healthy, cheerful mother. In the section 'Beautiful mama' we give tips on the care of your skin, the most beautiful make-up, we discuss the latest beauty products and give a lot of background information on how you can continue to shine.

Beautiful mama - The working of the hair mask

After washing my hair I always use a conditioner. I do this because I have long hair and want to avoid tangles as much as possible during combing. However, a conditioner is not the only treatment I give my hair. Because I paint it regularly, say: very often, I also treat my hair regularly with a hair mask.

Beautiful mommy - Care of your skin in the winter

When the wind cuts sharply in your cheeks or the snowflakes whirl in your hair, your skin has a hard time. You can imagine that your skin needs a different treatment in the winter than in the summer. In the summer, your skin is 'attacked' by sun rays, but winter does other attacks on your skin.

Beautiful mommy - Foot care

In the summer well-groomed feet may fall out more often, because we often walk in open shoes, but in the winter your feet have to be cared for as well. Maybe they are less visible to others, you walk on all day. Did you know that 20% of the Dutch have foot complaints?

New make-up # blog60

Actually, I am not an average woman at all. For example, I do not like shopping (at most online), fashion troubles or bags (inconvenient). My partner does, however, so he actually regrets that I do not like it. Usually, therefore, he only goes shopping alone, because after one or two stores I'm done with it.

Depilation - Beautiful mom

In prehistoric times all those hairs had a good function, but in the meantime I can no longer discover the function of some body hair. As far as I am concerned most of the hair can be on my body, so just leave. Nowadays there are various ways to depilate, one stays away longer than the other.

ADHD, what is that?

In exciting times your son is untenable, jumps up and down on the couch, screams and gets angry quickly. According to his teacher, he can concentrate very hard on school. You also notice that he has trouble sitting still. Your mother once joked that he has ADHD. Desperately you wonder whether your upbringing has failed or that something else is going on.

Autism - What are the characteristics?

The word autism is derived from the Greek word autos, meaning "self." Autos refers to the inward-looking impression that children with autism often make. With Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) a group of deep penetrating (pervasive) developmental disorders is indicated. This means that the developmental disorder penetrates deep into total functioning.

Consist of New Age children

If you as a parent search on the internet about this subject, you immediately run into different statements that make it difficult for you as a layman. Because, what should you believe or not? Just the many names that a child gets for often the same characteristics is pretty confusing.

Gender dysphoria or gender identity disorder

Gender dysphoria or gender identity disorder - What does this do to your child? Jos is standing in front of the mirror. He has the pink princess dress of his sister and admires himself. That crown on his head and that beautiful jewelry around his neck and arms make it complete. "Now nice long hair," he thinks, "and from that stupid dick!