10 things you learn as a mother!

Motherhood is not for everyone? That is certainly not so bad, because if you are a mother later, you will soon find out that you had a lot more to offer than you ever imagined! When you are after the birth of your pink cloud, it starts to become a mother. And what are you going to learn and do a lot!

Sports after pregnancy, when is it allowed again?

The biggest and heaviest 'workout' you will ever have is your birth. And as with every workout, it's important to give your body time to recover. Do you want to know when you can start to get rid of those pregnancy silos? Read here when you can start exercising after the pregnancy.

How fast are you fertile after delivery?

Some women should not think of sex after giving birth, and perhaps not at all to a next child. But at some point you will still want to dive with your partner between the sheets. Do you want to postpone another pregnancy, then it is useful to know when are you fertile again after giving birth?

This way you create more time for yourself as a mother!

Time for yourself is very important. It is a moment to relax and do something that you need. If you never take time for yourself and keep on going and continue working, housekeeping, taking care of the children, being a woman for your husband and keeping up with social contacts without having to rest, you will be bothered by this.

This changes your body during a pregnancy

A pregnancy is the beginning of a new life and every time it is a miracle when a child is born. Besides being pregnant and giving birth is seen by many as the most beautiful event in a lifetime, it is also a change for the body for the woman.

Stop working after delivery

Being pregnant, a birth, a new life in the house: it's nothing! It is sometimes very difficult to combine your new life with child (or children) with your job. It used to be quite normal that mothers stayed at home and fathers started working, but that is a lot different nowadays. Both parents work and choose to work a little less.

Save on the fixed costs of your family

Do you know that it does not really take much effort to save money on fixed costs in a good way? Even if you do not even need it, it is a shame if you pay too much unnecessarily. With a few simple actions you save a few hundred euros a month and that gives a great feeling!

17 June Father's Day: Time to surprise new dad with these gift ideas

As a new mom and dad, your life is suddenly largely dominated by the little one. Together you enjoy what you have put in the world for beautiful things, and that is how it is heard as parents. But what you as parents do not have to forget is yourself and each other. And that is why Mother's Day (this year was 13 May) and Father's Day (Sunday, June 17) are great moments to appreciate each other as mom and dad.

Lose weight after delivery

You would be a true miracle if, after giving birth, you are already back on weight again. Almost every woman arrives during pregnancy partly because of those fine hormones and through a different eating and sleeping pattern. Most women want to lose that extra baggage again soon. Then there is only one difficult task: losing weight after giving birth.

Pregnancy silos: Losing weight after pregnancy

It is of course wonderful to put such a small hummeltje on the world. It is only sometimes annoying that you have a small 'gift' left: the pregnancy silos. Some women only get 8 kilos, but other women have to do with 20 kilos of extra meat on the hook. How can you limit those pregnancy silos and how can you lose weight after the pregnancy?

Tips for dealing with broken nights

A baby is wonderful and you can really enjoy that sweet little face and mini hands and feet. The only major disadvantage that such a small one brings with it are the broken nights. No matter how easy or inconvenient your baby is, you will not end up among the broken nights. The only thing you can do is to deal with it.

Costumes or carnival wear for pregnant women

If, like me, you come from Brabant, you are looking forward to carnival every year. And well, sometimes it can be that carnival just falls during your pregnancy period. Do not go? Of course it is! Not only can you celebrate a sober carnival, you can also look super nice, precisely because you have a round belly.