Hanging up birth announcements: Ideas and tips

Who mom or dad, can count on a lot of birth announcements in the mailbox. Large, small, colorful, black and white, drawn, photographed, and so on. As a proud parent, you naturally want to hang those birth announcements in your interior in a fun and creative way. How do you do that? We have collected some nice tips and ideas for you for an original hanging system for birth announcements.

Maternity tears, how do you deal with them?

For months you and your partner have been looking forward to this moment: the birth of your child. Finally you can take that little uk into your arms, finally you can start a new period in life or your family is a little bigger. But you can not manage to sit on that pink cloud?

Fun maternity gifts to ask or give

Will you be (again) a mother soon? Then there is probably something very nice on the schedule: the baby shower! And besides that, after birth you will also be overloaded with various maternity gifts. So prepare yourself to get the question from many people what you still want. It's quite awkward, because what are nice maternity gifts to ask for, or rather: to get?

Maternity visit, 10 tips when you come on maternity visit

Maternity visit, also called maternity visit, is often very pleasant for those who visit. After all, you are very curious about the baby of your sister, girlfriend, daughter or colleague. For the new mother, maternity visit is often a lot less fun, but if you stick to the tips below, everyone has a good time.

Everything about maternity care

It is very nice to have maternity care after the birth and therefore have a maternity care. The maternity nurse will teach you in the first week everything you need to know about taking care of your baby and also helps you with this care. The maternity nurse also arranges part of the household so that you and your husband can fully enjoy the baby.

Baby uitlijst

A baby needs a lot of things that go beyond diapers, a bottle, teat and clothes. Is this your first child? Then the list of things that you need seems to become longer and longer. You are probably also surprised at the things that are necessary, but you have not thought about (until now).

Which pacifier to buy for your newborn baby?

Newborn babies need different pacifiers than babies that are already several months old, for example. In addition, pacifiers also differ in shape and are made of different materials. Do you want to buy the right pacifier for your baby? ZoZwanger.nl helps you on your way! Why buy a pacifier?

Too much weight loss after childbirth or pregnancy

Most women who gave birth are pregnant after the pregnancy with those very annoying pregnancy silos. But it can also be different. Some ladies notice that they lose too much after giving birth, without a clear indication of this. A luxury problem? A gift from heaven? Not exactly because too much weight loss after delivery can also cause problems.

Taking off your baby, that's how you do it!

All mothers should know about a romper. And if your children are already bigger, you would wish someone had told you this. The maternity assistant, the midwife or other mothers. Did you know that if you have to change a diaper full of pooped nappies from a baby that is up to the neck under the shit, you can do this without getting your own hands dirty?

Tips for the baby room

If you are halfway through the pregnancy, it is high time to think about the baby room. With our tips for the baby room, your baby will have their own place in the house. Of course, this depends on your living situation and what you find important. Design baby room ideas Maybe you would like the baby to sleep in your room or not.

Original maternity gift with name

Sometimes it can be so difficult to buy a good and original maternity gift. If you still spend money then you obviously want it to be valued unwise. Searching on the internet or when you step into children's shops you will be flooded with possibilities. If you want to be the one with the most original maternity gift, then you choose a maternity gift with a name.

Mama jewelry: Memory of the pregnancy

The bond between mother and child is already formed during pregnancy. It is a wonderful feeling when you first kick the baby and you feel how the child lies in your stomach. Later on the band only gets stronger but slightly less intimate. To remember the intimate bond between mother and child, there are so-called mommy jewelry or birth jewelry available.