Lose weight after pregnancy with these 5 tips!

Lose weight after pregnancy is a topic that concerns most pregnant women to a greater or lesser extent. Do you want to lose your kilos healthy and fast after your birth? Today I share my best tips with you. I had my figure back within a week of giving birth. And a healthy sweet baby was richer.

Everything about maternity care

It is very nice to have maternity care after the birth and therefore have a maternity care. The maternity nurse will teach you in the first week everything you need to know about taking care of your baby and also helps you with this care. The maternity nurse also arranges part of the household so that you and your husband can fully enjoy the baby.

Baby uitlijst

A baby needs a lot of things that go beyond diapers, a bottle, teat and clothes. Is this your first child? Then the list of things that you need seems to become longer and longer. You are probably also surprised at the things that are necessary, but you have not thought about (until now).

Baby shower or maternity visit?

For young parents it can be quite tiring to have new maternity visitors on the floor every time. That is probably the reason that a baby shower and a new maternity party are becoming increasingly popular. You invite everyone to come by at once, so you do not have to receive people for weeks.

Baby sizes, which baby size at what age?

Every new mother (or father of course) can not wait to buy the first baby clothes. But since baby sizes are a very different story than in adults, that is sometimes a bit more difficult. Especially when you have given birth to your first child. No worries, we at ZoZwanger will help you with a baby-sized schedule and we indicate how the shoe size baby converts into his work to determine the size of baby.

Hanging up birth announcements: Ideas and tips

Who mom or dad, can count on a lot of birth announcements in the mailbox. Large, small, colorful, black and white, drawn, photographed, and so on. As a proud parent, you naturally want to hang those birth announcements in your interior in a fun and creative way. How do you do that? We have collected some nice tips and ideas for you for an original hanging system for birth announcements.

Handle sutures after childbirth

During the birth it often happens that you are cut or torn. In principle, that is not very strange since a whole baby has to go outside. Depending on the extent to which you have been torn, you must be attached after delivery. If sutures are needed, stitches are always needed. Unfortunately, these stitches are no fun after delivery.

How long blood loss after delivery?

Most women have a lot of blood loss after giving birth. Do not be alarmed, because it is very natural! The blood loss can last for about 6 weeks, but it is usually the most severe in the first days. After this it will gradually decrease. Be careful with sports and a lot of exercise, here it can sometimes get worse.

I am becoming a dad

Your partner is pregnant and that is perhaps the moment you realize, I become father for the first time. Although this can be one of the happiest moments in your life, it can also be a very emotional and confusing experience. With the right advice and preparation you can make the most of this new change in your life.

Let your baby sleep in 30 seconds!

That sweet little bundle that you love so much is sometimes a little less cute. For many mothers, these are the moments when children do not fall asleep and have to cry a lot. Of course your love is unconditional, but of course you also want to let your baby sleep when it is time for it.

Maternity gift buying tips

Has someone from your area just given birth and are you looking for an original maternity gift? Once the time comes, you will find out that buying a maternity gift is sometimes more difficult than you think. Especially when you do not have children yet. Many people come on with clothes or cuddly toys, but actually they are not the most useful gifts.