Cervix mucus and your fertile days

Cervix mucus is also called vaginal discharge, although this is not exactly a correct name. The pattern of the presence of cervical mucus helps you to determine the fertile days. Your cervical mucus takes care of the closure of the uterus at times when you are not fertile and ensures easy access when you are fertile.

Can you become pregnant with endometriosis?

Endometriosis is a very unpleasant female condition. The most characteristic feature of the condition is severe menstrual complaints that become more severe as you get older than less. Many women are infertile due to endometriosis. In short, it means that uterine lining is not only in the womb, but also in other places.

Ovulation app and the fertility chart

If you take your temperature every morning and check your cervical mucus and cervix, this information only tells you something about your current menstrual cycle. The information that you collect during a few months can be conveniently stored with, for example, an Ovulation App. You can then use this information to predict when you are fertile days and so when you can expect ovulation.

Ovulation symptoms: Recognize that ovulation is coming

In addition to other ways of determining whether ovulation is coming, there are also women who suffer from recurrent ovulation symptoms or ovulation complaints around their ovulation every month. This is very useful to be aware of this. These symptoms or complaints often do not say anything about the actual moment of ovulation.

Feel the position of the cervix

The position of the cervix can tell you a lot about your fertile days, but you need a bit more patience to understand how it works. This often takes longer than one menstrual cycle because you can compare. Your cervix during each cycle changes place and softness.

Temperature method and getting pregnant: BAT

The temperature method is the easiest way to find out when you are fertile. You can see exactly when ovulation occurs. Keeping the basal body temperature or basal body temperature (BBT) is therefore the most women start when they start making a fertility chart.

Tips for the temperature method

With the temperature method you can investigate when you are ovulating. By measuring and maintaining the body temperature every day you can see when the ovulation is. If your ovulation comes, your body temperature will rise and you will be fertile. If you record your temperature every morning with the temperature method, then there are a few special circumstances that you have to pay attention to.