Regulation days in babies

Finally you had a good rhythm with your baby, but suddenly this changes. Your baby cries more often and wants to drink more often. Your whole rhythm is to the buttons and you feel that you have to start from scratch. Your baby can be sick, just be hot or you have to deal with baby days.

Rent or buy electric breast pump

Do you have to pump daily and do not want to be busy for a long time, then you better choose an electric breast pump. They often deliver more milk than a manual pump. There are single-sided and double-sided breast pumps. You can choose to buy a breast pump but you can also rent a breast pump.

Breastfeeding ailments

In principle, breastfeeding does not hurt, but when you start to suffer from breastfeeding ailments, it is a lot less pleasant. In this blog we have listed the most common problems and breastfeeding ailments. We also have tips for you to prevent and treat the ailments.

Breastfeeding: everything you want to know!

If you want to breastfeed your newborn baby you will almost not get out of it: stowage. In itself, stowing means something good: your milk production starts up. But unfortunately it feels less 'good'. Put simply, driving pain hurts, but luckily you can reduce this pain. Read in this blog everything about stowage, what it entails, how you can reduce it and what you can do if you stop breastfeeding.

To breastfeed

If you give birth, you stand for a choice: breastfeeding or bottle feeding. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Doctors and obstetricians will initially advise you to breastfeed. If you support this advice and you have the opportunity to do this, you can read here what breastfeeding means and how you can apply your baby.

Preparing for breastfeeding

Did you weigh the disadvantages and benefits of bottle feeding and breastfeeding during your pregnancy and did you choose to breastfeed? Your midwife and GP will be proud of you. They always recommend to breastfeed. But then the moment will soon come when you actually have to do it.

Breastfeeding in the golden hour!

That sounds pretty serious, is not it? Breastfeeding start up in the golden hour. Because what exactly is that golden hour exactly? That's what I thought when I saw the term 'the golden hour' in my first pregnancy. I was still in training as a lactation consultant and of course I went on research!

Hyperactation syndrome: This mother is like a milk factory!

You have hyperlactation syndrome if you have a very abundant production of breast milk in the period that you are breastfeeding. It is also called overproduction syndrome. If you find yourself constantly troubled by thrusting, your breasts continue to feel full after feeding, you leak a lot and your milk channels are in danger of hiding, you may be troubled by this.

Facts and fables about breastfeeding

If you want to breastfeed, you will soon hear a lot of fables about breastfeeding that might make you doubt. For example that you do not have enough milk, that it is very impractical, it always hurts and you get hang busts from it. These are all fables! So before you let yourself be fooled, read all the facts and fables about breastfeeding here.

Treating and preventing nipples

Apart from perhaps the first 2 weeks, breastfeeding should not hurt. In the first weeks it is mainly uncomfortable, but that first 'start pain' disappears during feeding. However, do you suffer from your nipples during the entire diet and do you see cracks or wounds? Then you may have nipple gaps.

Vaccinate baby through breast milk

When your baby is born, he or she is still very vulnerable to diseases and infections. The immune system of your baby has the great task of protecting your child against these diseases. A strong and good immune system significantly increases the survival chances of your child. As you know, every child receives vaccinations at a certain age against serious illnesses.