Getting pregnant with an irregular cycle

Some ladies know exactly when they become menstrual (the lucky ones) and so they know when their ovulation and their fertile days. Other ladies have an irregular cycle. Sometimes it is 28 days and sometimes 34 days. Very annoying if you want a child, because getting pregnant with an irregular cycle usually takes a bit longer and is somewhat more difficult.

Pregnancy: Video from fertilization to childbirth

Always wanted to know what the pregnancy looks like from week to week in your stomach? Watch this beautiful pregnancy video that we encountered on YouTube with detailed images of the fertilization. This animation video also shows the development of your baby in your belly until the birth.

Hard sound makes a baby sleep? Nothing is what it seems.

Five days ago we placed an article from a father who makes an "Oommmm sound" to make his baby stop crying within 10 seconds. This video has gone viral and is being responded to all over the world. Because a loud noise lets a baby sleep, that is just the opposite of what we usually think!

Pregnancy test with toothpaste

A pregnancy test with toothpaste to see if you are pregnant? It really is possible and there are more and more videos from women who test this way if they are pregnant. How does it work? How does a pregnancy test with toothpaste work? You mix morning urine with white toothpaste in a cup and you stir it all together.

Hay fever during pregnancy

By the end of winter I can not wait until the spring comes. But as soon as it is spring and my nose starts to itch and I have to sneeze for the 5th time in a row, I know it again: hay fever. Although my hay fever has not really started to rise, I have already bought hay fever pills.

10 biggest annoyances during pregnancy!

Being pregnant is a wonderful thing and every day I do my best to enjoy it. Yet I am not an eternal ray of sunshine and can sometimes annoy myself at certain things. Big annoyances during pregnancy are, for example, comments from people or unpleasant side effects that are simply incredibly impractical.

What is a curettage?

A curettage is an intervention performed by the gynecologist in the hospital. The intervention means that the gynecologist with a kind of spoon (curette) scrape away a layer of the mucous membrane that sits on the inside of your uterus. A curettage is performed for various reasons.

Second echo and share the big news with everyone!

On January 15 I finally had EIN-DE-LIJK the second echo. What lasted for 4 weeks say. I had my first for Christmas and then I heard, to my great joy, that I was really expecting a little one-niennie child with a beating heart. Party! And that party lasted no less than 1 day.

Crying crying baby with special technique

Unbelievable but Dr. Robert Hamilton shows in this video a trick that also your baby stops crying. You hardly believe your eyes. It is a special way you hold the baby to stop the baby. We have not seen this trick before. Getting a crying baby silent is for Dr.

Have dormer windows placed on the baby room

Of course, a small baby needs your own space in your home. Do you have a bedroom free or does it have to be created? In this blog we have handy tips to make space for your baby and how you can turn the attic into a cute baby room. For example, by placing a dormer window in the nursery or by making clever use of the sloping walls.

Roos writes: Nothing to be ashamed of

During my first pregnancy, which unfortunately led to a miscarriage, I had just written an article for ZoZwanger with the title: pregnancy and fungal infection. And how glad I was that I had written that article. Because maybe you guessed it ... Indeed, a fungal infection From the week it started to itch below it all at once.

Holidays in Sweden with children

Perhaps a holiday in Sweden with children is not the first country where you would think about spending the holidays with your children. But the Scandinavian country has been emerging as a holiday destination in recent years. And that does not happen without reason. Sweden has beautiful nature, it does not drive further from the Netherlands than to southern France and has an excellent climate with generally warm and dry weeks in the summer.