The first shovels! When did you feel them?

Since week 17 I am very alert to everything I feel in my stomach, which I have never felt before. I have read in the pregnancy calendar that you can feel your child from that week on. I find that difficult to say. Is it my stomach, my intestines or the baby? In any case, I must have been patient for a while.

The water birth: give birth in the bath!

Give birth in the bath, it is not very common in the Netherlands, but gradually this is changing. For example, water delivery is increasingly being offered in hospitals, but not nearly everywhere. You can also give birth at home in the bath. Not in your own bath but a bath that you can rent before giving birth.

Things you can do in the third quarter

It is official: I am in my third trimester! 'The last few' is often said. Up to now they do not feel like a lead, but I have only been on the road for 1 week in this last trimester. I still feel good and I have to use that. Are you also in the third trimester and do you still have energy?

Tribute to all mothers!

Being a mother and caring for the children at home is a full-time job that is often underestimated by men. This video shows an average day from the life of a mother and her baby. The video is appreciation and a nice tribute to all mothers! Tribute to all mothers Actually this video is made with Mother's Day in mind but of course it can be shared and viewed at any time.

First ultrasound

When I was about 5 weeks pregnant, I made an appointment for the first ultrasound. Normally you can visit this obstetric practice when you are 8 weeks pregnant. Because I had a miscarriage for this, I was allowed to come earlier in this new pregnancy. Already around 6 or 7 weeks. I think that's a really good service, because I felt more fear for this first ultrasound than at the first time.

Go with me 2018 well!

When the new year comes, we will evaluate and draw up new intentions. When drafting new intentions, we often look at everything that did not go well last year. We want to improve that. I think we can all think of good intentions. So I propose to omit those good intentions once and approach the new year from a different angle.

Healthy bread spread for pregnant women

If you are pregnant, a lot of sandwiches will disappear. Like a large part of the meats (about everything that 'ham' stands for), filet americain (such a shame), soft-boiled egg, liver sausage (in moderation), pâté or beef sausage. It then seems that cheese, chicken fillet and jam are only the only options. But that is not true!

Healthy recipe of Rose: Slim lasagna without cheese

Maybe you did not know this yet: but I have been a weight consultant. This was before I discovered that I liked writing more and decided to go further. Nevertheless, I still have a great passion and interest in healthy living and eating. And besides that I am also busy with my weight.

Healthy pizza during pregnancy

Sometimes, or very often, you just want to eat less healthy meals during pregnancy. So I always feel very excited about pizza on the Friday night. Especially when I am watching The Voice of Holland and the Domino's pizzas are flying around my ears. But I never order a pizza.

Use lubricant and get pregnant

About 50% of Dutch couples use lubricant during sex. However, if you have a child wish, it is not wise to use lubricant. Most ordinary lubricants available at the drugstore or in the pharmacy contain spermicides. You obviously should not have that if you want to become pregnant.

Good exercises during pregnancy

In the meantime I have been pregnant for almost 29 weeks and am still making sure that I am getting enough exercise. I exchange cardio with light strength training. Not only because I want to stay fit, but also because some good exercises during pregnancy are just very healthy to do. Which exercises are these?

Cheap maternity wear

I knew I would not fit the entire pregnancy in my normal clothes, but I have underestimated a little how much maternity wear I would need! After the 14th week of my pregnancy I could no longer do anything about what I had in my closet. Only my underwear (except for the bra, which was already too small after a few weeks).