8 Things you cry for during pregnancy

Do you ever have that, sit watching your TV and suddenly feel the tears in your eyes. Before you know it you are whining a jar while your partner looks at you questioningly. "Are you crying for this advertising?" The only thing I say is: "I can not help it! They are the pregnancy hormones!

Causes of miscarriage

Getting a miscarriage is an outright nightmare. Even if you are pregnant only a few weeks is a miscarriage, the last thing you want. You are dealing with loss, sadness, disappointment and fear. Fear that it will go wrong next time. In most cases you can not do anything about it.

What do you feel during a delivery?

Do you have to give birth for the first time? Then you might want to know what you can expect a bit. It is very difficult to describe and answer what you feel during a delivery. In addition, it is of course different for everyone. But in spite of that, some small guidelines are always nice.

My first pregnancy, my first miscarriage

A pregnancy is not always carefree. There are many families where getting pregnant does not work out the same way. It is and remains a miracle to conceive and put a child on the world. This is evident from the following story in which a reader tells us that happiness and sadness are often close to each other.

Shaken Baby Syndrome Video

Everyone knows that you should not shake a baby or child. Regardless of your frustration and irritation. By shaking a baby you can cause irreparable damage, which you will definitely regret later. This Shaken Baby Syndrome video from Oops Animation about shaking a baby does not need sound.

Recipe: Healthy cheesecake without sugar

This time I have a delicious healthy cake recipe for our pregnant ladies. Personally, I think this cake looks great summery and fresh, perfect for this season. If your baby shower is still in the planning, then this is a delicious healthy cheesecake without sugar to make. Healthy ingredients, delicious filling (1 piece is really enough) and it looks amazing!

Calculate when you are fertile with a different cycle

If you want to become pregnant, everything revolves around your menstrual cycle. Your cycle determines when you are ovulating. And if you know when you are ovulating, you also know when you are fertile. Usually a menstrual cycle is about 28 days. But what if your cycle does not last 28 days but is longer or shorter?

What is an emergency Cesarean section?

Initially we all assume in the Netherlands that we naturally (vaginally) like it. Sometimes it appears during pregnancy that this is not possible. Then a Caesarean section is planned and you know well in advance when it will take place. It may also occur that during the natural delivery in connection with complications, an acute decision is made to perform a Caesarean section because the mother or baby is in danger.

The water birth: give birth in the bath!

Give birth in the bath, it is not very common in the Netherlands, but gradually this is changing. For example, water delivery is increasingly being offered in hospitals, but not nearly everywhere. You can also give birth at home in the bath. Not in your own bath but a bath that you can rent before giving birth.

Go with me 2018 well!

When the new year comes, we will evaluate and draw up new intentions. When drafting new intentions, we often look at everything that did not go well last year. We want to improve that. I think we can all think of good intentions. So I propose to omit those good intentions once and approach the new year from a different angle.