Baby of 8 months weighs 17 kilos

Chahat Kumar from Punjab India is only 8 months old, but now weighs twice as much as all other babies of her age. She suffers from extreme obesity, she now weighs 17 kilos, just as much as that of a four-year-old! She was born healthy and for the first 4 months everything went according to her parents.

Baby farms, unfortunately reality

Somewhere everyone hoped that baby farms were a terrible nightmare, but unfortunately this is not the case. Sri Lanka recognizes that illegal acts have been carried out in their adoption program from the 1980s, including baby farms. Tonight, the study on this adoption fraud will be broadcasted in the television program Zembla.

Am I pregnant? The story continues!

After I had done the first test, it was days of nail biting and uncertainty. Terrible. As I said last time: if I had not been so sick, I would have assumed that it was not hit. But now I just could not let it go. Really every second of the day I had to restrain myself from not doing another test.

Give birth in the bath

There are many different ways to give birth. You do not always have to lie on a bed with your legs up. One way to give birth has given birth in the bath! There are a lot of benefits to a babybirth to put your child on the world. Not only for you, but also for your baby!

Delivered with nitrous oxide without pain

Are you curious what it means to give birth with nitrous oxide? Read this blog! Here we tell you what nitrous oxide can do as pain relief, what the benefits are and how it works. Licensed with nitrous oxide is chosen by many women who want a natural delivery without heavy pain relief, but still want a little relief.

Move before or after delivery? Do not set the bar so high!

There are people who volunteer because they like it. Yes, really, they exist. I partly sport because I like it and partly because I love food very much. I can eat a little more by exercising or exercising a lot. Yes, that is really one of my reasons. In addition to the fanatics and guts like me, there are also many people who do not like sports or have difficulty starting with it.

Kale with quinoa: Healthy recipe of Rose:

This time I have a recipe for you with kale, but different than you're used to. It is a kale with quinoa stew. This recipe is tasty, easy, mega healthy and definitely worth a try. So step out of your comfort zone. Because this dish 'breaks so nice the week'. Everything that is wrong with the classic kale stew I think almost every woman can make a kale stew.

Training abdominal muscles during pregnancy

I played a lot for my pregnancy and so far I keep it up during my pregnancy. In the first quarter it did not go very well, but now that I am in my second trimester (hallelujah) I am doing better and I can do more. Something I immediately ran into at the beginning was: Training my abdominal muscles during pregnancy!

Close-up video of caesarean birth

Have you ever seen a Caesarean birth up close? Well then this is your chance. So often you do not come across these kinds of videos, but recently this video was put online and the next day he had been viewed almost 800,000 times. The reactions to the video are mixed but the majority of the viewers find the video of the caesarean birth very nice to see.

Complication with the baby after delivery

Sometimes there may be a complication with the baby after delivery so you can not immediately close your little baby in your arms. The pediatrician will first have to examine your baby. This occurs when, for example, your baby is fecal in the amniotic fluid or when your baby has been removed through an artificial redemption (eg vacuum pump).

Complications during childbirth

Complications during childbirth are not very common and in addition most of them can be solved immediately. Still, it may be nice to know more about it. In this blog you can read which complications you may have during delivery and how these are dealt with. What can go wrong during childbirth?

Have dormer windows placed on the baby room

Of course, a small baby needs your own space in your home. Do you have a bedroom free or does it have to be created? In this blog we have handy tips to make space for your baby and how you can turn the attic into a cute baby room. For example, by placing a dormer window in the nursery or by making clever use of the sloping walls.