The first time a babysitter in the house, what should I do?

You and your partner are having a good time in a cozy night out with two of you. That is why you went looking for a babysitter and you have found a nice girl who wants to take care of your children in the evening. But you find it quite exciting to leave your children alone with the babysitter for the first time.

The kids safer online with VPN

When Rocco was still small, I wanted to protect him everywhere. Does he not fall from the stairs? Are his wristbands well? Is he safe on that high climbing frame? Is it possible to trust this cable car? Can I allow him to cycle to the baseball club by himself alone? As children grow, you adjust your limits, but whether they are five or fifteen, you still want them to be safe.

A bracket: who will pay that?

When your child needs a brace, you may immediately see a worrying cost for you. A bracket is expensive, but often also necessary. But is there really reason for panic? What does a bracket actually cost and how can you ensure that a bracket remains affordable? Type of bracket How much money you will eventually lose on the bracket of your child depends on the type of bracket that he / she has to wear.

A good health insurance for your baby

If you are pregnant or have just given birth, you have to arrange a lot. You have already applied for maternity care, your child registered for childcare and parental authority if you are not married. But have you also looked critically at your health insurance? The cheapest health insurance does not always provide the coverage you need as a brand new parent.

Buying a new washing machine: here you pay attention!

Every now and then it is necessary: ​​buy a new washing machine. Especially when you have (small) children in your house, your washing machine is working overtime. It is therefore important that you purchase a decent copy. It is also good to pay attention to energy efficiency. This is not only good for our climate, but especially for your energy bill at the end of the year.

Party decoration children's party

Hoera! Your baby's birthday and that is celebrated! Whether he is one, two, three or many more years old, does not matter, it is a party anyway. Party decorations, festoons! And of course cake and presents. Thematic party decoration Of course you can buy a garland at the supermarket, or a few balloons, but it is of course much more fun to opt for thematic decoration!

How safe is your bathroom?

As a parent of (young) children you usually have a lot of work to make your house child-friendly. Does a small toddler crawl around the house? Then you better make sure that your sockets are protected with socket protectors. The sharp corners of your coffee table are of course equipped with table corner protectors and aggressive cleaning products are safely stored in a high cupboard where you can only shoot when he or she is 11.

Wooden Play Kitchen - Dream kitchens for children

Children like to copy, so everything we do, they also want to do. It gives them a sense of equality, being the same and belonging. So when we start cooking, they want that too. In the real kitchen that is a tad dangerous, but if they would have their own kitchen.

Choosing the right primary school - More important than you think!

Just before the summer holidays began, I received the redeeming phone call from the Rocco school. Rocco was over. Nipped, but over. What did he leave us in suspense? That he was about to go was not that obvious. Actually he stood for too many subjects moderately to weak. Not because he does not have the brains for it, but simply because he did not feel like doing his homework.

Children and car insurance

When I was still pregnant with Rocco, we had a sporty car with an open roof. Big enough for two, but only with two doors and hardly a back seat. How nice the car was. He was too small for three people and therefore unsuitable for family expansion. During my pregnancy, the car was sold and there was a decent family car.

Color in the children's interior

Are you pregnant with your first child? Or are you already catching the spring fever and are you ready for a complete make-over of the nursery? Anyway: setting up a nursery is a task where you can use the necessary inspiration! Which colors are hip & happening right now?