10 things you (secretly) do when you are pregnant!

You are pregnant! It is always a small party, especially when you have made a lot of effort to get pregnant. That the pregnancy is not just something, of course you have already experienced. Just by looking at your body, you see that in these 9 months you will see something different. But not only your appearance changes.

10 things you should not say to pregnant women

For nine months you are pregnant and in those nine months there is quite a bit on your plate. How about the fine pregnancy ailments and the fact that you are getting rounder and bigger. Sometimes being pregnant is no fun, and the very last thing you are waiting for is certain comments from other people.

10 biggest annoyances during pregnancy!

Being pregnant is a wonderful thing and every day I do my best to enjoy it. Yet I am not an eternal ray of sunshine and can sometimes annoy myself at certain things. Big annoyances during pregnancy are, for example, comments from people or unpleasant side effects that are simply incredibly impractical.

6 reasons to want children

Have you ever wondered why you want children? I once asked around me and most ladies are the first to answer: 'Yes, uhm ... It just seems delicious'. Not very convincing yet, so that's why I thought: in this blog, let's take a moment to reflect on our personal desire for children.

8 Things you cry for during pregnancy

Do you ever have that, sit watching your TV and suddenly feel the tears in your eyes. Before you know it you are whining a jar while your partner looks at you questioningly. "Are you crying for this advertising?" The only thing I say is: "I can not help it! They are the pregnancy hormones!

8 Benefits of being pregnant in the spring!

It's spring! Today was the first day that the doors were open with us and the jacket was simply nice outside. What have we been waiting for this for a long time? What was that mega long last winter? But now we can go out again! Are you pregnant at the moment? I have a few benefits of being pregnant in the spring, so you can enjoy even more of this season (and your pregnancy)!

9 Useful tips for men during pregnancy

Almost all the tips and facts that I have collected for you or have shared with you are about always aimed at the mothers in the game. This time I focus on the expectant fathers, because in all the hustle and bustle of being pregnant, suffering from discomforts and daydreams about the baby, you would almost forget that you also have a partner.

Non-alcoholic wine for the holidays? It really exists!

The holidays are frighteningly close and it is time for serious preparations. Picking up recipes, buying presents and stocking up drinks. For some pregnant women a little damper because during those holidays you can forget your drink. Do you sit with your water or frisje during drinks and all walks of the Christmas dinner.

Everything about carbohydrates during pregnancy

I hear it so often "I eat as little carbohydrate as possible because I want to lose weight." Carbohydrates have become almost the enemy of women who want to pay attention or want to lose weight. Some ladies even claim that they have to scrap carbohydrates in order not to gain too much during pregnancy.

Ariënne writes: The power of loss

Below is the emotional story of Ariënne Post. She talks about her miscarriages and her grief. Read how she deals with this loss. All alarm bells went off. The neck fold was much too thick. And later the nose bone was also absent. What a nice ultrasound (and oh yes, the combination test) should have been, changed our pregnancy into a nightmare.

Baby born in the amniotic sac

Occasionally it happens and now it is still on film. A baby born in the amniotic sac! Normally the fruit sac will snap before the actual delivery starts. The cracking of the amniotic sac, also called the breaking of the membranes, often announces the beginning of the delivery. It is truly exceptional when a baby is born while he or she is still in the amniotic sac.

Babies and dogs go very well together!

Babies and pets often go together very well. Babies and dogs in particular can get along well with each other. Regardless of the breed, it is as if the dog feels that there is something special about this mini person. How often do you hear the funny stories or do you see the most special photos and videos of a dog with a baby passing by.