Rose To-Do List: Enjoying wine

In those 7 weeks that I was pregnant, I realized that I really missed some things. On the day of my miscarriage my husband asked (after I had dried my tears) if I needed anything. 'Yes' I said 'Do a glass of wine and a toast with smoked salmon.' At one point I realized that I no longer had to think about the things that I could or could not eat and somewhere it felt like a relief.

Breech presentation during pregnancy and delivery

That is not exactly what you were hoping for: A breech presentation during pregnancy and delivery. Most babies are at the end of the pregnancy with the head down. Ezra did that too, but with his nose upstairs. They call it a stargazer. But what if your baby is completely wrong?

Laura shows how you get a crying baby quiet.

Laura Session, a nurse from Michigan recently shared her trick on Facebook, how to silence a crying baby. She discovered this by chance and placed the video on Facebook. Meanwhile, her film has already been viewed 3.5 million times. Crying crying baby with running water? She shows in the video how her niece stops crying when they stand in front of the sink in the bathroom and she turns the tap open.

Emergency Cesarean section through a sagging umbilical cord!

Mariel tells her special story about her delivery, which ended in an emergency Cesarean section due to a sagging umbilical cord. What started as a normal introduction to her second child got an unexpected turn with a happy ending. She tells her story here. Introduction of the delivery After 39 weeks of pregnancy I would be introduced on Wednesday evening due to gestational diabetes and too much amniotic fluid.

The first shovels! When did you feel them?

Since week 17 I am very alert to everything I feel in my stomach, which I have never felt before. I have read in the pregnancy calendar that you can feel your child from that week on. I find that difficult to say. Is it my stomach, my intestines or the baby? In any case, I must have been patient for a while.

What is a miscarriage?

In case of a miscarriage, you lose your baby or baby before it is born. When this happens before the 16th week of your pregnancy, we speak of a miscarriage. You can lose the fruit very early in the pregnancy, but also later. A miscarriage is always a terrible event. Read more about what is a miscarriage here?

Everything about carbohydrates during pregnancy

I hear it so often "I eat as little carbohydrate as possible because I want to lose weight." Carbohydrates have become almost the enemy of women who want to pay attention or want to lose weight. Some ladies even claim that they have to scrap carbohydrates in order not to gain too much during pregnancy.

Roos writes: When is the first day of your period ?!

During my attempts to conceive, one question has arisen that always comes to mind. When is the first day of my menstruation? That day is very important to determine when you are ovulating. Sometimes it happens that there is a small amount of blood in the discharge, but nothing else.

Killerbody Back in Shape Review

A question that many pregnant women or women giving birth to secretly ask themselves is: how will I get back to my weight before the pregnancy? No stupid question, because I think about that myself. Especially now that I know that I am definitely going to get a few more kilos than the intention is. Fortunately, you are not alone and you can use various tools to get you started.

After 23 weeks of pregnancy, my daughter was born!

You can do it just like that! You want children very much and then you discover that getting pregnant is not self-evident and that you have PCOS syndrome. If you manage to become pregnant, your pregnancy does not go as you had thought. Read the emotional story of Simone about her daughter Lotte: After 23 weeks of pregnancy, my daughter was born!

Menstrual cycle explanation: Week 2

The menstrual cycle explanation per week. Where week 1 was still dominated by the major cleaning, the second week of the menstrual cycle is marked by the release of the egg cell. What had already started last week, but which you did not notice, will continue in the second week of the menstrual cycle.

Healthy bread spread for pregnant women

If you are pregnant, a lot of sandwiches will disappear. Like a large part of the meats (about everything that 'ham' stands for), filet americain (such a shame), soft-boiled egg, liver sausage (in moderation), pâté or beef sausage. It then seems that cheese, chicken fillet and jam are only the only options. But that is not true!