Children's clothing autumn / winter 2017

The leaves fall from the trees again, the autumn has made its appearance and the summer clothing is probably stored away again and in the attic is waiting patiently for the first rays of the sun. But until the spring sun comes to kiss us a good morning, we first have to endure autumn and winter. Children's clothing autumn / winter 2017 And of course a nice, cool, trendy, warm, new children's clothing!

2x as much data: you can all do this

Do you combine 2 (or more) mobile subscriptions from Telfort at one address? Then we reward you with twice as much data. Very nice of course, but what can you do with twice as much data on your mobile phone? We gathered some nice ideas for you. More data, more film Looking outside?

5 useful tips when pumping breast milk

As a new mother you are not always able to breastfeed your baby. For example, when you work, you are out for a night or for some other reason you are not close to your baby. A breast pump offers a solution in these cases. But how do you choose a good breast pump? And what do you pay attention to when breast milk is being pumped?

5 ways to get the babysitter to get used to us as quickly as possible

You have just taken a babysitter for the first time. Exciting for you and your child, but also for the babysitter. How can you let her get used to you and your house as quickly as possible? It is of course a new environment for the babysitter. Just as it can take a while for you to get used to her, it takes her a while to get used to you and the new environment.

5 indispensable fashion items for this winter

The winter is approaching: time for kale stew with a big piece of smoked sausage & hot chocolate with a nice touch of whipped cream. Our summer wardrobe is now stored deep in our wardrobes and gradually makes way for thick sweaters, kekke boots and trendy scarves. But what are the fashion trends that we can expect in the coming winter?

Occasionally a candy # blog44

Recently I was informed that Haribo has expanded the assortment with three different sweets, all containing 30% less sugar. Look, that makes me happy. These are the sweets: Fruitilicious, Fruity Penguins and Scuba Mix with fresh fruit flavors (blackberries, watermelon, pineapple, apple, orange, strawberry, etc.).

Cinderella in Het Concertgebouw Amsterdam

I love the theater, so I always took Rocco to the theater from the moment he was about 2 years old. A visit to the theater is a fine and especially low-threshold way of culture sniffing. Of course we initially visited children's performances with him, but when he grew older and could hold his concentration for longer, also shows for adults.

Baby clothes - What do you all start with?

There is a lot involved in getting your baby set complete. Consider, for example, the design of the baby room, the stroller, care products or baby clothing. Because what kind of baby clothes do you need for that first period? And how much? Of course, after birth you will definitely get the necessary clothes from friends and family who come to hug your child, but often these baby clothes are in a larger size.

Car-bags travel bags

I personally had never heard of travel bags that were tailor-made for a certain type of car until I heard about Car-Bags. This company makes extremely high quality travel bags of high quality material, specially tailored for the trunk of (in my case) a Renault Captur. Ideal, because the bulky suitcases that I normally use are always too big for my car, so that valuable space is lost when I go on vacation.

Contact lenses or glasses?

When you have to choose between wearing glasses or wearing contact lenses, it can still be a difficult choice. After all, both have their advantages and disadvantages. Glasses can be hip & intelligent, but fair is fair: it is not good for everyone. You do not see contact lenses.

Crayola Washimals

A few days ago we already paid attention to the new Color Wonder line from Crayola, today I started with the Washimals. These are super cute animals, which you can color and then put in the shower to wash completely clean again. Let me not, however, anticipate the bath session, because before you put the pet in the bath, of course you have to be colored first!

Daily offers, the unique deals of the internet

Are you ever looking for a nice offer on the internet? Then I have a nice and very advantageous tip for you. Have you ever heard of day deals? Day offers are very advantageous deals with discounts that can rise to 90% in some cases. There is, however, a small thing you should pay attention to.