Pain relief during home birth

If you like home you have a limited choice when it comes to pain control. This is because most medications have to be administered under the watchful eye of a specialist. Yet there are a few methods of pain relief during home birth from which you can choose. I call them below.

Placenta or placenta

The placenta, also called placenta, is essential for the growth, development and keeping alive of your baby. During the implantation of the fertilized egg, the place where the placenta starts to develop is immediately determined. This can therefore be anywhere in the womb. The placenta is an interesting part of pregnancy.

Post traumatic stress syndrome after childbirth

A delivery is not something you do 'for a while'. It is a decent job that every woman really needs to be on. Some deliveries are reasonably smooth, but other deliveries are experienced by the mother as extremely heavy and intense. And that is quite understandable. When you have experienced the birth so intensively that it affects your life, then there may be a Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome after delivery (PTTS) Causes Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome after delivery (PTSD) There are few women who

Lose mucus plug

Losing the mucus plug is a normal part of pregnancy. What the mucus plug is exactly and when it is lost is not known to all women. Here you can read what the function of the mucus plug is, how you can recognize it and what the mucus plug means to lose. What is the mucus plug?

Types of contractions

If you are about to give birth soon, you will (unfortunately) not get away with it: you will get contractions. During pregnancy, the chances are pretty good that you also have some experience with contractions. Although these are a lot less painful compared to the real ones during childbirth, they can cause inconveniences.

Storing stem cells from your baby's umbilical cord

Currently about 90 to 95% of umbilical cord blood is discarded after birth. That is incredibly a shame because with the stem cells from the umbilical cord blood various diseases can be cured. When you have just given birth you always get the question what to do with the placenta. At that time you can store stem cells from the umbilical cord and select placenta.

Home birth or hospital delivery

It is a question that many women often ask themselves: do I opt for a home birth or hospital delivery? In most cases the choice is entirely up to you and it depends on which choice you feel most comfortable. There has been a lot of research into the safety of home deliveries and for the time being it has not been proven that it is unsafe to give birth to your child in your own home.

Choose tips for a birth announcement!

When you choose a birth card, you quickly hit a wall. The range is extremely large. Not only in terms of printers, but also online you have a whole range of websites where you can order the most fun birth announcements. It is almost despondent, but perhaps these tips help to make a choice easier.

Safe with the car home from the hospital after delivery!

Most people may not immediately think about it, who think until delivery and otherwise not. But do you know what to expect after the birth of your baby? How do you safely go home from the hospital with the car after delivery for example? Have you already thought about that? We do! We met this question a lot.

Mops broken, what does that mean?

During your pregnancy, your baby is surrounded by amniotic fluid along with the amniotic fluid. This bag ensures that the amniotic fluid stays in your body and your baby is protected. The amniotic sac contains membranes and these are attached to the cervix and the placenta. Do you feel in advance if you break membranes?

Preparing for the pain during childbirth

A delivery is never painless. Most women who give birth for the first time often see this as disappointing. How bad the pain is during the birth can not be said in advance. Some women have a heavier delivery than others and in addition everyone has a different pain threshold.