Introduce childbirth

It can happen that the birth of your child takes too long or that complications occur that make it better for the child to be born. In that case, the choice is made for induction of labor, which means in short: the artificial initiation of the contractions and the birth.

Lose mucus plug

Losing the mucus plug is a normal part of pregnancy. What the mucus plug is exactly and when it is lost is not known to all women. Here you can read what the function of the mucus plug is, how you can recognize it and what the mucus plug means to lose. What is the mucus plug?

What does an obstetrician do?

If you are pregnant, you will regularly go to a midwifery practice. But what exactly does a midwife do? An obstetrician is trained to monitor the health and development of your baby. The midwife is involved in all phases of your pregnancy. During the visits you take to midwifery practice, you will be informed and everything will be checked.

Placenta or placenta

The placenta, also called placenta, is essential for the growth, development and keeping alive of your baby. During the implantation of the fertilized egg, the place where the placenta starts to develop is immediately determined. This can therefore be anywhere in the womb. The placenta is an interesting part of pregnancy.

Who makes photos during the delivery?

There are a number of days in your life that you will label as 'the most beautiful days'. The delivery of your children is probably one of them, besides perhaps your marriage, special holidays, the day you finished your house or your graduation. From all these days a whole range of photos is taken except ... of the day of your birth.

Choose tips for a birth announcement!

When you choose a birth card, you quickly hit a wall. The range is extremely large. Not only in terms of printers, but also online you have a whole range of websites where you can order the most fun birth announcements. It is almost despondent, but perhaps these tips help to make a choice easier.

Recognize contractions

During pregnancy you will face a number of inconveniences. Especially when the end of the pregnancy is approaching and especially when you are pregnant with your first child. One of the things you can experience is a hard belly or pre-contractions. These contractions may seem like the birth has started, but that is not always the case.